Spike Lizard

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Spike Lizard
System: 5-Layer
Type: Defense


Spike Lizard was the 2002 winner of the CoroCoro Comic Beyblade design contest. It would be produced by Takara and sold through the magazine.

Attack Ring (AR): Lizard Blocker

  • Weight: 5 grams

Lizard Blocker has 2 more wheels than Roller Defense Ring (Roller Defenser). It is targeted for Defense as well since its gimmick is the same in which the wheels are used to deflect Attack. To help improve on the flawed design of Roller Defenser, the wheels on this AR are held in place by a plastic holder per wheel, similar to a pin or nail, instead of a screw. They fit in tighter as well as have less friction (compared to the plastic wheel against the metal screw) causing the wheels to spin more freely.

Although the wheels have been improved on, the overall shape of the AR prevents it from being used in competitive play. Potential use can be seen from its circular shape, but the miniature projections on it causes too much friction when in contact and reduces its RPM during battles. Another problem with this AR is that there is a notable gap between part of the AR and the WD. This causes a problem since if it is to get hit in that area, it can easily knock the Beyblade off balance.

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Heavy

Spike Lizard contains a green plated Ten Heavy.

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (N-MG Core)

See Neo Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Roller

  • Weight: 8 grams

SG Roller has a semi-flat tip as well as a total of 2 wheels on it. It also has several miniature projections similar to that on the AR around its oval shaped perimeter. It may seem like an improved version of SG Semi-Flat, but the wheels on this BB prevents it from any use. The wheels are on the opposite ends of the oval-shaped AR which initially causes the BB to be off balance. This becomes an issue when there is a lower amount of RPM. Since there isn’t enough force for the BB to keep itself up, it wobbles and the wheels hit the stadium floor resulting in the Beyblade to stop spinning.



Spike Lizard could be considered an upgrade to Roller Defenser in the sense that it has an additional 4 wheels (6 in total) which the design was originally based off of. Although the overall defensive gimmick was improved on, it does not achieve any use because of it flaws from its shape in combination with wheels. This should only be sought after by collectors because of its rarity value.