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==Beyblades with this part==
==Beyblades with this part==
* '''[[Ultimate Frostic Dranzer]]'''
* '''[[Frostic Dranzer]]'''
* '''[[Gekiryu-Oh]]'''
* '''[[Gekiryu-Oh]]'''

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  • Weight: 7 grams

This part's tip is what gives this BB it’s uniqueness. It is sharp but flattened on the very end. The movement pattern exhibited when launched straight into a BeyStadium is best suited for Endurance purposes. However, when launched on a slant it begins to move in an extremely controlled, circular attack-type pattern. Seeing as a flat tip would sacrifice all of its Survival ability while a sharp tip would sacrifice its Defense ability. Being a mixture of both allows it to have Balance. Here are two sample customizations:

Beyblades with this part


Semi-Flat as a part of the original 4-Layer Series, does not have the capability to swap SGs. It is useful for compacts when more stamina is required. This is a useful competitive part to own.

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