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| full item name = Samurai Changer Metal Sword  
| full item name = Samurai Changer Metal Sword  
| item number = MA-20
| item number = MA-20
| beyblade system = [[Gimmick 4 Layer]]
| beyblade system = [[Gimmick Series]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]

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Samurai Changer Metal Sword
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: MA-20
System: Gimmick Series
Type: Balance

Bit Protector (BP): Samurai Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Samurai Emblem. It is the third mould verson of Bit Protectors. It is the tightest version; there is almost no room between the BP and AR.

Attack Ring (AR): Samurai Upper

  • Weight: 20 grams

This attack ring is almost perfectly circular. The Metal Frame is a perfectly circular piece of metal along the edge of the attack ring. The metal frame is the same as the one used for Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS) in HMS Random Booster ACT3. This perfect circle form gives it very good defence. Metal has less friction than most other materials used to make Beyblade parts; as a result, opponent attackers tend to slide off instead of hitting it away. Upper attack in right spin is deadly, and can easily send the opponent out of the stadium or set severely off balance. In contrast, left spin attack is relatively weak. It has some smash attack in left spin, but not as much as attack rings like Upper Dragon (Dragoon MS) or Slash Upper (Slash Riger). Generally, right spin works better with this attack ring.

The weight is concentrated mostly at the edges. This helps the attack ring to maintain spin when hit. As a result, it can also be used for survival type Beyblades as well.

Another advantage of this attack ring is weight. This attack ring is the heaviest HMS attack ring so far, except for Jiraiya Blade. This weight gives it a better spin rate, maintaining spin and making it harder to knock out. With attackers, the increased mass helps it to hit the other Beyblade out. Although it has relatively low smash attack power in left spin, when used with flat cores, the impact from the hit will be able to knock the other Beyblade out of the stadium. This AR's heavy weight will also be very useful for defense types, combined with its perfectly round shape.

Compared to Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS)

This AR will generally be considered as the upgrade to Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS). This AR has better attack and defense than Circle Upper. For pure survival purposes, Circle Upper will be a bit better. To fully test the potential of this AR, you should replace it for your Circle Upper combos, especially this common one:

If you ever want to, you can also unscrew the metal frame and replace it with the old Circle Upper one.

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Heavy

See Circle Heavy.

Running Core (RC): Battle Change Core

  • Weight: 8 grams

Battle Change Core is a very useful and versatile core. When hit by the opponent, it changes modes. Each hit will toggle between attack and survival mode. This RC can be fitted with a CWD plastic layer. This layer acts as a switch to change modes. With a free spinning layer, the switch is rendered useless; however, this can be used as an advantage. This makes the auto change mechanism manual instead. Some CWDs can be used to jam the core into a certain mode; if the layer on the WD and the layer on the RC interlock, it will fix it into that mode permanently. Even so, you won't find much use for this gimmick, because it is not the main advantage.

The main advantage of this core is its weight. The core itself weighs about 8g. With the plastic layer attached, it weights up to 11g. This makes it the heaviest core. The weight makes it hard to knock out; and in attack mode this mass can hit the opponent out of the stadium. The flat tip is about 5mm in diameter. This increases the friction against the stadium surface, and allows it to move around even with the heaviest parts attached. The Sharp tip, unlike other mode-change sharp tips, appears to be 1mm in diameter, just like Sharp Core and SG Sharp base. Most other mode change systems use a perfectly sharp tip, which tends to go off balance easily.

Customize Weight Disk

Battle Change core comes with a CWD plastic piece. This piece does not have an official name. It is almost perfectly circular, but has two sections which jut out slightly. These are the upper attack ramps. In right spin, it performs upper attack (when used with Battle Change core or Bunshin Core (Phantom Fox MS)). The slope is about 15 degrees, same as the AR. Left Spin provides smash attack. It can be flipped over for Force Smash attack. This is not recommended as it will hit the stadium surface easily. When used on the CWD, however, it has to be flipped over. It should not be used on the CWD unless the RC is tall enough to make sure it does not hit the ground.

Use in Defense Customization

  • AR: Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS)
  • S-AR: War Lion (Galeon)
  • WD: CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon/Thunder Drake} or CWD Reverse Defenser (Dranzer MF Secret Version) (Special_Parts#Special_Weight_Disks|17g Metal Part from Random Booster Act 2)
  • RC: Battle Change Core (Samurai Changer MS) with Defense Ring CWD (Sea Dragon/Sea Drake)


This is one of the best Beyblades released in 2004. The upgrade of Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS) is especially great. Also, this new RC is incredibly useful to beat attack types. Overall, this Beyblade is a must-buy.