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Round Shell Metal Snipe
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: MA-19
System: Gimmick Series
Type: Defense

Bit Protector (BP): Turtle Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Heavy Metal Emblem. The mold is "New Mold", like the rest of the GS Series. It fits tighter, preventing rattling. The emblem is of a turtle head, with the words "Round Shell Beyblade Metal System" below it.

Attack Ring (AR): Turtle Crusher

  • Weight: 21 grams

Attack ring is circle form. The metal frame resembles the ABS caul, each covering half of the circle. As a result, the weight of this attack ring rests mostly along a line, making this attack ring very unbalanced. It wobbles easily. However, this is not a disadvantage. The poor balance of this attack ring is actually an advantage. It can be used to smash the opponent off-balance when it hits the opponent. Also, due to the weight of this attack ring, it can mantain its spin rate and set itself upright after hitting the opponent. However, the plastic layer obstructs the metal layer; the almost circle form parts only allows slight smash attack. An attack ring like Knight Crusher (Areo Knight MS) can do much more damage.

Uncustomized, this AR allows the core to wobble for long periods of time. The friction of the rubber causes the other Beyblade to bounce off when it hits; when tilted, it can smash the opponent vertically instead of horizontally, forcing the opponent off balance.

This AR can also function with sharp form cores. An example is with Metal Sharp core (Advance Eterner). When tilting, it can mantain a high spin rate, and after forcing the opponent into the ground, it is able to recover. However, if it is allowed to tilt too much without hitting, it will kill itself. This type of attack can be very risky and should not be used blindly for any situation. solid. The areas underneath two of the small spikes are hollowed out, but this does not apply for the third spike.

Running Core (RC): Grip Weight Core

  • Weight: 3 grams

The Grip Weight core is a very unique core. It is not meant to be used with a weight disc. The core is seperated in half, screwed together just below the bit protector. Instead of a weight disc, at the center of the core, there is a metal piece that contributes to most of the weight. This is held in place by the two halves of the core.

Surrounding the core is a layer of hard rubber. The rubber is held in place by the two halves at three points. In total, the core weighs about 20g, allowing for a decent spin rate. The tip is a plastic ball tip, functioning very much like Metal Ball Core (Sea Dragon), but as it is fixed, it can recover from wobbling.

The rubber ring is somewhat like the Support Part system. It is hard to dent. When another Beyblade hits it, the shock is absorbed, and the other Beyblade bounces off. It functions very efficiently if the opponent is in the same spin direction. However, in the opposite spin direction, it will get outlasted very easily. Although the rubber layer is of perfect circle form, when the sides touch the ground, the rubber gives it a lot of friction. In fact, a strong hit from a good upper attacker can cause the rubber to hit the ground while it is still spinning strongly, and cause Round Shell to self-KO. When the opponent is of reverse spin direction, it can even be outlasted by opponents with Grip Flat core.

However, in the same spin direction, the other Beyblade cannot beat it easily. It can be used as a defencer. When it is hit by a low upper attack Beyblade, it bounces off, but not as far as another Beyblade may be hit, and the upper attack Beyblade is knocked slightly off balance. When it is hit with a smash or spike attack, it will bounce off. The attacker will have lost considerable spin. When the opponent is using a grinding attack ring, the grinder will lose much more spin than Round Shell due to the high spin rate of round shell, and the friction of the rubber layer.

It is important to note, however, that because of this recoil, Round Shell MS can still be KOed easily.

Another purpose is for one hit knock outs. This may be part of the reason for the name "Metal Sniper". The Metal Ape attack ring (Magical Ape MS) lines up well with the grip layer, and has very good defense because of the spin rate. At the start of the battle, you can launch it at the other Beyblade. 40g is quite good for one hit-KO, and the recoil of the rubber can make the other Beyblade bounce away. However, if it fails, you have to be in the same spin direction, unless the opponent is using a grip core with a small WD.

Also, this RC has another advantage. When an opponent's Beyblade tries to hit it underneath its rubber exterior, it will be met by force smash attack. The lower part of the rubber slopes downwards, like this:

| |



The more the opponent's Beyblade tries to attack this lower section, the more it will be forced down, eventually causing it to spin out. Images of the interior of Grip Weight Core:


G-Winder of this Starter is made of polyamide plastic. It's harder to straighten and much stiffer plastic than the older, polyethylene G-Winders.

Round Shell MS's AR, Turtle Crusher, is okay for wobbling attack...but we have better choices, such as ACT3 Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS's AR) or Knight Crusher (Aero Knight MS). Its RC isn't bad. The defense is very good, and the force smash of the rubber part is admirable. However, now we have Samurai Changer MS for defense types, so this RC quickly lost its use.

The gimmick of this Beyblade is amusing. Using the Running Shooter, you can shoot Round Shell MS sideways, and it will race across the ground like a tire. You can race with other Round Shell MS's this way. Running Mode is not legal for battle.

The most useful part of this package is the included grip, Running Shooter. However, I won't discuss it here. You should go to Shooters section for more information.