Poison Serpent SW145SD

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Poison Serpent SW145SD
Number: BB-69
System: Hybrid Wheel System
Type: Balance

Face: Serpent

The Face depicts Serpens, the Serpent, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Clear Wheel: Serpent

  • Weight: 3.1 grams

This Clear Wheel's rather angular design features eight serpents overlapping and interlocking with each other in a pattern reminiscent of a Celtic knot. Its original release is deep green.

Metal Wheel: Poison

  • Weight: 29.8 grams

Poison has fifteen rectangular protrusions on its circumference, each the same size and about 4 mm apart at the widest point. While this is not wide enough to provide useful Smash Attack, it still produces relatively large amounts of recoil, making this part useless for Defense or Stamina. Furthermore, similar to Flame, the Wheel is raised at the base, exposing the Track to opposing Beys, making it even less useful for Defense purposes. This recoil is worsened by the light weight of the Wheel, which allows it to be easily knocked around and KO'ed by opposing Beys. Due to these factors, Poison has absolutely no competitive use.

Track: Switch 145

  • Weight: 4.2 grams
  • Height: 14.5 millimeters

SW145 has three 'wings'. The gimmick of this Track is the ability to change from Attack to Defense by taking off the wings, and then putting them on the opposite way. The purpose of this is the ability to adapt to opponent Beys. In Attack mode, which is denoted by six grey claw-like stickers on the underside, the pointed ends of the Track are used for Smash Attack; meanwhile in Defense mode, shown by three triangular blue stickers, the edges are more rounded, in order to deflect opponent Beys. The modes are reversed for Left-Spin Beys. Testing has shown that SW145 is quite useful at attacking lower opponents in a similar fashion to H145 and R145. It is however outclassed for Defense purposes by GB145, BD145, and 230 due to the recoil it produces.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

SW145 finds a use in the rather niche customisation Lightning L Drago SW145RF, lining up with the heads of Lightning to provide Smash Attack.

Bottom: Semi-Defense

Tip Comparison: SD, D, and WD
  • Weight: 0.5 grams

SD is the reason to buy this Beyblade. Just as the Semi-Flat Bottom has a sharper tip than Flat, so too does Semi-Defense when compared to Defense. Before the release of SD, D was the absolute best Stamina Bottom available, but SD quickly took over the top spot, as is evidenced by the following tests:

Virgo DF145D vs. Virgo DF145SD

  • Balance Stadium
  • Alternating Shots
  • Beylauncher
  • 20 Battles


  • Virgo DF145SD: 18 wins
  • Virgo DF145D: 2 wins
  • SD win percentage: 90%

SD is not able to wobble as much as D, so for defensive purposes, D should still be chosen over SD if you are trying to add some Stamina to your Defense custom. That being said, WD would be a better choice than D for that situation, and also arguably for Stamina as well because with the even wider tip. With it, it is allowed to circle the stadium in some situations when it is on a larger angle towards the end of a battle, thus outspinning D or SD based opponents. However, sometimes this does not happen, and SD easily knocks over the wobbling WD custom before it topples over itself.

It really comes down to personal preference when deciding whether to use SD or WD because they are so closely matched. For pure Stamina it impossible to tell which would win a given match, but WD would prepare you for more situations by being able to take hits better than SD. Test both and decide for yourself which one works best for what you are trying to do.

Use in Stamina Customization

SD is arguably the best of the “Defense” series of Bottoms, and its effectiveness can be utilized in the custom Burn Bull AD145SD.

Other Versions



The only real reason to buy this is SD, which can be obtained from the more useful Dark Bull H145SD. While SW145 has some use, there are generally better alternatives. There is little or no reason to buy this Beyblade, aside from collection purposes.