Metal Fight Beyblade accessories

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Accessories are used to modify either the Launchers or the Launcher Grips, or to simply add an extra to a Blader's experience outside of the Beyblades themselves.

  • BB-16 Beypointer

The Beypointer can be attached to the shooter, and it is used to keep track of your points. Every Blader begins with 1000 points. After each battle, the two players connect their Beypointers and each will lose/gain 10 points depending on if they won or lost. The Beypointer can also be connected to machines like the Bey Ta 1 and a Nintendo DS console through a Beypoint Reader, and it will keep track of all the points that are gained throughout those games. It is unclear how TAKARA-TOMY will prevent cheating using these because you could easily purchase two of them and connect them to get an infinite amount of points, and special Passwords were revealed at official events that can give a player from 100 to 500 points each. The Beypointer will not have much use outside of Japan however because the WBBA (World BeyBlade Association) is only active in Japan at the moment.

  • BB-42 BeyCarrier Waist Type

  • BB-49 Angle Compass

The Angle Compass is an accessory intended to help Bladers straighten their launch. It is essentially a clear dome encased in grey plastic which has a freely rotating ball inside it, that attaches to the head of the Launcher Grip. On the rotating ball is a red dot that will always point upward regardless of how the Angle Compass is angled, due to the weight inside the ball on the opposite side. The idea is to use the red dot and the crosshair engraved on the clear dome to determine the angle of the launch. When, from directly above, the red dot is centered with the crosshair, it means the Launcher Grip is directly parallel to the ground.

While helpful in theory, the Angle Compass can be fairly inconsistent. Because the ball rotates on the horizontal and vertical axes by two seperate rods, there are times when friction will prevent it from rotating as it should, and it then must be jostled to correct it.

  • BB-52 BeyCarrier Hard Type

  • BB-58 BeyLauncher Suspension

  • BB-61/BB-62/BB-63 Grip Rubber Red/Black/White

Grip Rubber is a cylindrical piece of PVC rubber that slides over the handle of the Launcher Grip. The purpose of the Grip Rubber is to allow for a firmer hold on the Launcher Grip, due to the increased friction of the rubber. Additionally, it makes the handle slightly thicker, which may make it more comfortable to hold for some Bladers.

TAKARA-TOMY's Grip Rubber is divided into three segments, while Hasbro released the Grip Rubber as one single piece.

  • BB-77 Bey Deck Case

See article.

  • BB-79 Metal Assist

The Metal Assist is a U-shaped piece of plastic-covered metal that attaches to the Launcher Grip at the approximate location of a Blader's index finger. The purpose of the Metal Assist is two-fold: Firstly, it may act as a "trigger guard" by allowing the Blader's index finger to slide under the Metal Assist. Secondly, there are two grooves on the top surface of the Metal Assist on which a Blader may place their index and middle fingers if a wider grip is desired. This accessory can provide extra comfort as well as added weight.

The Metal Assist is attached by inserting the ends of the "U" into the corresponding notches on the side of the Launcher Grip, then sliding the Metal Assist's bolt through the bolt holes on the grip, and rotating the locking knob on the bolt clockwise until it locks in place.

It is important to note that the Metal Assist interferes with the removal of the "head" of the Launcher Grip, and must be detached in order to do so. Additionally, accessories that may be connected to the launcher grip head in the same plane as the Metal Assist also cannot be attached or removed while the Metal Assist is in place.

  • BB-81 Launcher Rubber

Launcher Rubber is essentially a rounded T-shaped fold of rubber that is attached to the handle of the BeyLauncher. While the intended purpose of the Launcher Rubber is to add a better grip, it also helps to slow breakages of the handle. The extra weight from the Launcher Rubber slows down the handle as it retracts and, also thanks to the softer plastic and rubber used for the Launcher Rubber, reduces the impact of the handle hitting the BeyLauncher and prolongs the durability of the handle.

  • BB-90 LED Sight

  • BB-101 Grip Support

The Grip Support is a cylindrical piece of plastic that extends the length of the handle on the Launcher Grip. It is added by removing the built-in Tool on the Launcher Grip and attaching the Grip Support in its place. The Tool is then attached to the bottom of the Grip Support.

The Grip Support adds approximately 50 mm to the length of the handle, and has the same diameter as the Grip Rubber. The extra length added by the Grip Support creates more space for the hand, which is appreciated by some Bladers for the improved comfort. It is also legal to insert two AA batteries in the interior compartment of the Grip Support as well as the handle of the Launcher Grip to add even more weight, if this is the Blader's desire.

  • BBG-06 BeyCarrier Zero-G