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The Metal Face is a product released by TAKARA-TOMY which offered an upgrade in weight to a Metal Fight Beyblade. Metal Face is usually abbreviated to “MF” in customization notation. Currently, Metal Faces are sold two per pack, with a longer type Tool. These are similar to the HMC of the Plastic Generation.


  • Weight: 4.7g

The Metal Face is exactly the same shape and size as a regular Face, except the top hexagonal portion is coated in a thick metal. The centre of the thread of the Face’s screw is also entirely metal.

The Metal Face is 4.7g, and compared to the 1.1g Face, offers a 3.6g weight increase. This weight increase can be useful in many scenarios.

Use in Defense Cusomizations

By adding a Metal Face to a Defense customization, its weight is significantly increased, hence making it more difficult to knock around: MF Libra C145WB is a competitive Defense customization which utilizes the Metal Face in such a way.

Other Uses

Metal Faces can also be used in Attack customizations. The extra weight helps to slow down their quick movement, which can help inexperienced players control customizations with RF, for example. While Metal Faces can be extremely useful in Defense customizations, they are not recommended for use with Stamina customizations. The extra weight has been shown to reduce spin time, hence decreasing the Stamina Beyblade’s main function.



'Metal Faces are primarily an extremely useful part in Defense-based customisations, although they can be used to add weight in any other customization. An essential part, and hence every player should own multiples of this part.