Metal Driger

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Metal Driger
[[Image: |150px]]
System: 5-Layer
Type: [[]]

Attack Ring (AR): Cross Spiker

  • Weight: 6 grams

The Cross Spiker AR has 8 points of attack, or spikes, that comes out from the center. The four larger points has Smash Attack in right spin while it has Spike Attack in left spin. The other four smaller points of the AR are in a triangular shape similar to that of the Cross Attack SP (Burning Kerberous). Because of how the smaller spikes get in the way, it if almost impossible for the Smash or Spike attacks to work efficiently. There are many better choices of ARs for Spike or Smash attacks.

Weight Disk (WD): 10-Heavy

See 10-Heavy.

Spin Gear (SG): Heavy Metal Core

  • Weight: 9 grams

This is the reason why this Beyblade is worth getting. The Heavy Metal Core, or HMC abbreviated, weighs 9 grams making it the heaviest core by 3 grams outweighing the MG core. The HMC is mainly used in Compact or Defense combos because of its weight.

Blade Base (BB): First Clutch Base (Metal Driger Version)

See First Clutch Base

Other Versions

  • Hasbro - The Hasbro Version has an Engine Gear, instead of the HMC


This Beyblade is worth buying just for the HMC. The Hasbro Metal Driger isn't worth the money, since Hasbro removed its most useful part.