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(Use in Second Generation Zombies)
(Use in Third Generation Zombies)
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* '''AR:''' Twin Horn ([[Gabriel]] <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[Takara]] Version])
* '''AR:''' Twin Horn ([[Gabriel]] <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[Takara]] Version])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' [[Left SG]] (Bearing Version) ([[Wolborg]])
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#A to F Series Spin Gears  | Left SG]] (Bearing Version) ([[Wolborg]])
* '''Shaft:''' Bearing Base ([[Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger]])
* '''Shaft:''' Bearing Base ([[Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])

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Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger
Number: 18
System: 4-Layer
Type: Balance

Name Variation

Hasbro released this product under the name Bearing Stinger.

Attack Ring (AR): Scissor Cutter

  • Weight: 5 grams

The AR of Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger, Scissor Cutter, is thin and light with decent balance. It is not useful for survival/endurance/stamina or defense purposes, but it has usage as an attack AR. The normal version is far too fragile to use, but the Phantom Force version is more durable. It can be used as an attack AR. Try it!

Weight Disk (WD): Heavy

See Heavy (WD).

Blade Base (BB): Bearing Base

  • Weight: 8 grams

Bearing Base is the important part of this Beyblade. The tip of the Bearing Base is free-spinning. Because of this, when the Beyblade is hit by an opposing Beyblade, it absorbs much of the damage and does not lose spin as easily. The shaft of Bearing Base is held in place by two bearings (one of the two is plastic, but it can be replaced by NSK bearing), an attribute shared only with Burning Kerberus and Takara's Zeus. Because of these double bearings, Bearing Base can regain its balance quickly after being hit. The tip of this shaft is very sharp and made of a plastic that has low friction when compared to other tips. It is one of the best tips for survival Beyblades.

Mold Variations

Hasbro's Bearing Base has a slight but important difference. The tip of the Beyblade is slightly sharper and made out of a harder plastic, resulting in more survival potential, but substantially less defense potential.

Using Bearing Base Shaft in Other Blade Bases

An important trick to learn using the Bearing Base is that the shaft can be removed and put into the casing of Wolborg's shaft. This will allow you to use Bearing Stinger's tip in 5-layer combos, which affords you the advantage of using a left spin direction with this tip, along with using Wolborg 2's BB. This can even be extended into making 6-Layer combos, as the SG of Wolborg can be placed in Dragoon V2's BB. Using this method, you can use Bearing Base's tip in conjunction with SP.

Use in Zombies

Bearing Base was the only BB choice for first generation Zombies. It was effective for survival, spin-stealing, and life after death. Even after the first generation, the shaft of Bearing Base could still be used in 5-layer and 6-layer Zombie combos.

Use in First Generation Zombies

Before the release of Wolborg, the only BB available for players wanting to use a Zombie strategy -- or create any meaningful survival type -- was Bearing Base. The problem was that since this Beyblade did not use an SG, it was difficult to change its spin direction. However, using the AR of Roller Defenser in a certain fashion, players were able to change spin direction.

An example combo would be:

Use in Second Generation Zombies

After the release of Wolborg and Wolborg 2, players had considerably more options when it came to building Zombies. However, Bearing Base's tip was still a strong choice. Neither Wolborg nor Wolborg 2's tips provide the same pure survival potential. Luckily, the casing for Wolborg's shaft allowed the Bearing Base shaft to be exchanged with it. Unfortunately, the ability to use two bearings is lost.

An example combo would be:

Use in Third Generation Zombies

Even during the 6-layer generation, Bearing Base's shaft could still be used to strong results. The trick is similar to second generation Zombies.

An example combo would be:

Other Versions


Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger is one of the most useful Beyblades released, mostly due to its BB and shaft. Unfortunately, it is also one of the oldest and rarest. Although the Phantom Force release alleviated this temporarily, it has now gone back to being practically impossible to track down. It is a shame, because it is also a Beyblade that ever player should own. Every player should own multiples of this Beyblade.