Master Driger

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Master Driger
Master driger.jpg
Number: A-37
System: 5-Layer
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Knight Claws Ring

  • Weight: 5 grams

Knight Claws Ring’s name is rather descriptive of the part’s appearance: it has three large, triangular bodies with flat protrusions in front, and claw-shaped structures extending behind. These larger wings are connected by very thin sections, which also share the armoured appearance. In right spin, the flatter protrusions in front of the triangular sections are the main contact point, and due to their large, flat shape, they cause a lot of recoil, and only have mediocre Smash Attack ability. The high shock resulting from contact also frequently causes breakage of the relatively thin frame of Knight Claws Ring, and it is not uncommon for them to break after only a few battles. This recoil, combined with the odd shape, also makes Knight Claws Ring completely useless for Survival or Defense.

In left spin, the claws of the AR make contact, however, their awkward, outward-facing angle results in heavy recoil, and the weak design often causes them to snap off (if the entire AR doesn’t split in two from the shock first).

Due to the high breakage resulting from its flimsy design, and mediocre Smash Attack ability, there is absolutely no reason to use this part.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG

See Right SG

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

See Eight Wide.

Blade Base (BB): SG Semi-Flat

See SG Semi-Flat.

Other Versions


Master Driger


Master Driger contains a fragile, useless AR, and few other parts of note. While it does come with the useful SG Semi-Flat, this is not an uncommon part and is available in many far more useful beyblades, such as Galeon and Flash Leopard. Unless you are desperately in need of SG Semi-Flat and this is your only option to obtain it, there is no reason to by this beyblade for anything other than collection.