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'''Note:''' This Set's release is exclusive to [[Hasbro]].
'''Note:''' This Set's release is exclusive to [[Hasbro]].

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Lion Gale Force Wall Faceoff Set
Lion Gale Faceoff.png
Number: BB-30A and B-101
System: Metal Fight Beyblade

Note: This Set's release is exclusive to Hasbro.


  • BB-30A Rock Leone 145WB (Yellow highlights on Clear Wheel, yellow Track)
  • B-101 Flame Bull 100F (Orange opaque Clear Wheel, yellow Track, white Tip)
  • Two Ripcord Launchers


All parts in this Set are considered outclassed. 100 and 145 can both be used as mediocre substitutes in Stamina combos; however, they are easily obtained in numerous other useful releases. Bull is also benficial to Stamina types as well as Defense types, but is shrouded by other more evenly weight-distributed Clear Wheels. Rock's heavy Recoil and low weight makes it no match for modern Defense types. Flame is surpassed for Stamina purposes, while F and WB are outclassed for Attack and Defense respectively. Therefore, there is little reason to buy this Set outside of collection purposes.