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Image:L Drago 11.jpg|Final Survive side view
Image:L Drago 11.jpg|Final Survive side view
Image:L Drago 12.jpg|Final Survive top view
Image:L Drago 12.jpg|Final Survive top view
====L-Drago Destroy F:S (gold from Legend Beyblade Set)====

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L-Drago Destroy F:S
Number: BB-108
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Attack

Face: L Drago III

This Face mark features a more complete form of L Drago, while also showing a more aggressive design. "L Drago" isn't written anymore, and, instead, the rest of the dragon's neck is shown as well as its left hand, its right arm and its right shoulder.

4D Metal Wheel: L-Drago Destroy

  • Weight: 44.29 Grams

This Metal Wheel is made up of two parts: a Core and a Metal Frame. Unlike other 4D Metal Wheels, the Core is made of rubber/plastic and sits below–rather than above–the Metal Frame, which comprises the bulk of the Metal Wheel. This follows the trend of the other L Drago Wheels.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: Grams

The Metal Frame is the largest part of the Metal Wheel and therefore makes the most contact with opposing Beyblades. Like previous L Drago Wheels, the three-sided Metal Frame is shaped to resemble three dragon heads. It is much wider, has larger gaps between each head, and is significantly heavier than each of the former L Drago Wheels, many of which were notorious for their extremely light weight. While made entirely of metal, its color upon release was a dark gray. Its relief features some slight, jagged bumps instead of being very smooth, to create an overall fierce design.


  • Weight: grams

L-Drago Destroy's Core is made of PC (plastic) as well as PVC (rubber), continuing the trend started with Meteo L-Drago. It is comprised of six protrusions which act as the teeth and lower jaw for the dragon heads; all six contain rubber, but only three expose rubber on the outside, while the other three expose plastic. The rubber protrusions can assist in spin stealing from right-spin Beyblades.

Like all 4D Metal Wheels, L-Drago Destroy features a mode-changing gimmick. It works by rotating the Metal Frame while the Beyblade is disassembled. The two Modes are:

  • Attack Mode: In this mode, the rubber protrusions on the Core are aligned with the front of the dragon heads on the Metal Frame.
  • Absorb Mode: In this mode, the Core is rotated 180° so that the plastic protrusions on the Core are aligned with the front of the dragon heads of the Metal Frame.

Attack Mode is widely considered to be superior to Absorb Mode for Smash Attack. The rubber protrusions on the Core are covered for the most part by the dragon heads while in Absorb Mode, allowing for the plastic protrusions to make the most impact in combination with the Metal Frame. In Attack Mode, L-Drago Destroy can be considered an upgrade to the popular Lightning L-Drago, but it has since been outclassed generally by Metal Wheels like Blitz, Flash and VariAres.

Use in Attack Customizations

Though it has less pure Smash Attack power than Metal Wheels like Flash, Blitz and VariAres, what L-Drago Destroy does have is less Recoil. This can make it a somewhat more reliable choice to play against Stamina customizations, which do not necessarily require the same huge amount of brute force to be KOed as the force found in Blitz and VariAres. The customization MF L-Drago Destroy BD145MF can be used for this purpose; the reliability of L-Drago Destroy and the controllability of the MF Bottom combine to make a usable Smash Attacker versus lightweight and tall Stamina customs.

MOLD VARIATION: Hasbro's version

As is the case with all Metal Fury Beyblades, Hasbro has released a new, much lighter version of the L-Drago Destroy 4D Metal Wheel named "L-Drago Destructor", with LW105 and LF instead of F:S. It weighs a whole ten grams less than the original piece, which is due to the fact that the underside was emptied considerably in the region of the neck of each dragon on the 4D Metal Wheel, leaving only a shell, like on Escolpio. Although its Core appears to be made of slightly softer rubber, Meteo L-Drago remains the best option for Spin Stealing customizations.

4D Bottom: Final:Survive

  • Weight: 5.73 grams

F:S is a completely automatic Bottom, switching between "Hole Flat" and "Sharp" tips as its spin velocity lowers. The gimmick of this 4D Bottom is the contrary of Big Bang Pegasis' F:D: instead of beginning at a Stamina tip and ending with Attack, F:S starts with moderate attack, and ends up with a Stamina-type tip to try and give it a boost of spin time and win more by equalizing with the opposing Beyblade's spin. This mechanism works in a similar fashion to F:D: tabs on the side of the big base pop in or out depending on the Beyblade's Spin Velocity and the consequential centrifugal force affected to the spinning top. However, as good as the gimmick sounds in theory, in practice, there are many disadvantages. The HF tip, which is slightly wider than the regular HF Bottom, has trouble maintaining a Sliding Shoot pattern, and the change between tips causes a disruption in the Beyblade’s balance, especially given the notorious balance issues of Sharp Bottoms. This Bottom therefore has absolutely no use competitively.

Other Versions

  • L-Drago Destroy DF105LRF Gold Armored Ver. – CoroCoro Fan Service (Gold)
  • L-Drago Destroy F:S Legend Beyblade Ver. – WBBA Exclusive, Legend Beyblade Set, TAKARA-TOMY lottery (Gold)


L-Drago Destroy F:S (gold from Legend Beyblade Set)


The L-Drago series is known for having powerful Attack skills, and L-Drago Destroy lives up to this aspect, being commonly regarded as superior to Lightning L-Drago due to its increased weight, Attack range, and its more prominently exposed wings. L-Drago Destroy does not Spin Steal as well as Meteo L-Drago, so the latter should be used for a Spin-Stealing combos though. F:S is useless competitively, but L-Drago Destroy can be used in specific situations. L-Drago Destroy F:S is not a must-have, but it is nevertheless a welcomed addition to any collection.