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(Use in Smash Attack Combos)
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* '''AR:''' Jiraiya Blade ([[Jiraiya MS]])
* '''AR:''' Jiraiya Blade ([[Jiraiya MS]])
* '''WD:''' [[Circle Heavy]] or [[Circle Wide]]
* '''WD:''' [[Circle Heavy]] or [[Circle Wide]]
* '''RC:''' Metal Change Core [[Death Gargoyle MS|(Death Gargoyle MS/Dark Effigy MS)]]
* '''RC:''' Metal Change Core [[Death Gargoyle MS|(Death Gargoyle MS/Dark Effigy MS]])
=== Use in [[Survival]] Combos ===
=== Use in [[Survival]] Combos ===

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Jiraiya Metal Spirits
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: MA-22
System: Gimmick Series
Type: Survival

Name Changes

Jiraiya MS was released by Hasbro as Bearing Survivor MS

Bit Protector (BP): Jiraiya Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Jiraiya Emblem. It is the third mould verson of Bit Protectors. It is the tightest version; there is almost no room between the BP and AR.

Attack Ring (AR): Jiraiya Blade

  • Weight: 22 grams

The AR of Jiraiya MS is Jiraiya Blade. It is currently the heaviest AR ever made, weighing 22 grams, and is just a bit heavier than Samurai Upper Samurai Changer MS. The weight distribution is mostly on the outside, giving this part a very high spin rate due to centrifugal force. The metal on the outside rims forms two thick spikes, with three small metal spikes on each one. Though they are small, they are reasonably sharp and have quite a bit amount of smash attack power. The fact that this part's revolution speed will be increased by the centrifugal force of the part will make the smash attack even stronger.

Use in Smash Attack Combos

Due to this AR's heavy weight, and yet, small size, you can build a high spin-rate combo using Circle Heavy, or a high centrifugal force based combo with Circle Wide. Circle Wide will also add to the movement speed, improving smash attack.

Use in Survival Combos

You can also use this AR to add some attack power and velocity to your survival-based combos:

Weight Disk (WD): CWD Free Cross

The WD of Jiraiya MS is CWD Free Cross. As you can tell from its name, this part spins freely. It is a circular shape with four spikes sticking out of it to form a cross. This WD has little use. There are much better free spinning CWDs, especially for grinding attacks.

Running Core (RC): Bearing Core 2

  • Weight: 4 grams

The RC of Jiraiya MS is Bearing Core 2. This RC is the HMS successor to Wolborg 2's SG. However, when I first touched this RC's tip, I was surprised by the fact that the material is not the same kind that was used in Wolborg 2's SG at all. It is a much harder and glossier material, like the kind used on Dragoon MS's Grip Flat Core. Still, this RC is very useful.

Structurally, it is virtually identical to Bearing Core (Wolborg MS). It has the same shaft, bearing and design. Just like Wolborg MS, the RC cannot be taken apart, so you have to season it by attaching a motor to the tip and rotating it for a long time.

This RC's survival comparison to Bearing Core is much different than comparing Wolborg and Wolborg 2's SGs. The difference is the harder material and the smoothness of the bearing. The harder rubber material produces less friction, giving it more survival. Also, with the improved design of HMS bearing system, the rotation of the shaft is much smoother.

Use in Survival/Defense Combos

You can build good survival and defense type Beyblades with this RC. Here are some examples.

Survival Combo:

Defense Combo:

These are not necessarily the best possible combos. However, they are ones you can try.

Mint Condition vs Worn Condition

Mint condition and worn condition Bearing Core 2 will have very different uses. To beat non-aggressive Beyblades, mint tip is best. However, to beat the current trend of highly-aggressive attack types, more defense will be necessary. To gain more defense, you should use the tip and wear it down.


Jiraiya Blade is not so special as an AR. Its WD is very useless. However, nobody bought this package for those parts. We all bought this package for Bearing Core 2. Bearing Core 2 is as useful as Bearing Core for serious use. However, for pure survival battles, you should select Bearing Core over Bearing Core 2. If you want to outlast an attack-type or balance-type, this RC is a very great choice. You should buy this Beyblade.