Jade Jupiter S130RB

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Jade Jupiter S130RB
Number: BB-116
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Defense

Face: Jupiter

This Face pictures the Greek god of the sky, Zeus. It can also be depicted as an eagle, one of the many symbols of Zeus, with the god's face forming its feathers and his beard as its tail. Confusing Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus is essentially the same as Jupiter, hence this Beyblade's name.

4D Clear Wheel: Jupiter BeywikiBannerBad.jpg

  • Weight: 3.11 grams

The Jupiter Clear Wheel is of a purple color, similar to Aquila. It represents the plumage and feathers of an eagle. Although relatively heavy, Jupiter cannot compete with the other heavier and well distributed Clear Wheels, such as Cancer, Aquario and Cygnus. Its shape formed of many small protrusions is also not ideal for any type compared to the rounder and sturdier designs the aforementioned Clear Wheels have. It cannot even be used in harmony with a good Metal Wheel due to its odd shape, unlike tri-winged Clear Wheels like Kerbecs.

4D Metal Wheel: Jade BeywikiBannerBad.jpg

  • Weight: 39.15 grams

Jade is made up of two parts: a Core and a Metal Frame. The gimmick of this 4D Metal Wheel is that it has four metal balls in its Frame, reminiscent of GB145. These balls reside in small linear slots which are directed towards the center of the Beyblade, not parellel to its circumference.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 22.28 grams

The Frame of this Beyblade consists of four long divisions, which hang over the sides irregularly. Each of these contains one metal ball. There are also four hollowed out areas, other than the ones that contain the spheres, on the inner area of the Frame. The underside is made up of magenta plastic, attached to the Frame with screws, which keep the balls in their spaces.


  • Weight: 16.87 grams

Jade's Core is of a circular shape with four rounded square protrusions, one in each corner. Each of these protrusions has a vertical metal stick attached to it. These can be inserted into two places on the Frame, either in the slots of the metal balls or an area away from them to create the two modes mentioned earlier, since they immobilize the balls, or let them roll freely. The Core also has holes on its outer rim creating a gear-like shape.

This 4D Metal Wheel can be placed in two different modes by rotating the Metal Frame.

  • Stamina Mode

When placed in this mode, the balls are mobile, allowing them to move back and forth in their slots.

  • Defense Mode

In this mode, the metal pieces on the Core are pushed into the slots for the balls, fixing them in place closer to the center of the Beyblade.

In theory, Jade's gimmick should provide centrifugal force for extra Flywheel Effect, but its relatively light weight and uneven weight distribution render it useless. Also, while in Stamina mode the Metal Wheel was designed to stabilize the Beyblade at low velocity when the balls shift to the center, but due to poor execution in its design the balls only retreat at the very end of the battle, making the effect negligible. Its low weight compared to other 4D Metal Wheels makes it poor in Defense, while its odd weight distribution makes it unable to compete with top-tier Stamina Metal Wheels such as Phantom and Duo. Jade's shape is also very interrupted on the sides, unlike the latter two Metal Wheels' very clean, circular designs.

MOLD VARIATION: Hasbro's Metal Fury Version

Hasbro's Metal Fury release of this Beyblade, Jade Jupiter 130B, consists of only one piece based on the Metal Frame and include bumps in the Metal Wheel designed to mimic the original Jade's metal balls, but these bumps are completely integrated into the metal and do not add any significant weight. Overall, this Jade therefore weighs significantly less than the original, but due to the fact that it leaves huge gaps between what is essentially the Metal Frame's side extensions, it still succeeds in delivering decent Smash Attack. However, this performance is nothing compared to previously released Wheels such as Flash. The Hasbro version of Jade also only appears to do well with largely advantageous Tracks such as E230; the gaps are otherwise a huge detriment. It was therefore heavily outclassed already upon release.

Track: Shield 130 BeywikiBannerGreat.jpg

Weight: 3.3 grams Maximum Width: 35.5 mm Minimum Width: 33.0 mm Full Height: 13.00 mm Arc between protrusions: 8.0 mm

Made only of plastic, S130 has a horizontal disk attached to its centre. This disk consists of eight arms linked by some relatively round webs of plastic, which overall forms an imperfect circle. In this release S130 is of a dark grey hue.

S130's inferior weight compared to Tracks like BD145 and GB145 make it outclassed for Defense purposes. However, where this Track has found a home is in Attack combos. S130 adds much needed weight to an attacker without obscuring its contact points. Also, its mid-sized height lets Attack Metal Wheels score hits on a number of opposing heights. This allows S130 to be used with some Attack Wheels, including Variares and Flash.

Use In Attack Customization

S130 can be put to good use in the Flash combo MF-H Flash Escolpio/Pisces/Orion S130RF, adding a decent amount of weight to Flash without covering up contact points.

Bottom: Rubber Ball BeywikiBannerGreat.jpg

  • Weight: .82 grams

Rubber Ball is essentially a Metal Ball tip, but with rubber as its material instead of metal. It is wider than a regular B Bottom. The plastic part of this tip is dark grey, the same color as the S130 this Beyblade comes with. The rubber is colored pink, unlike the usual red most rubber Bottoms are colored.

Like many other rubber Bottoms, it has found use in Defense Customizations. Its wide surface area as well as its grip to the stadium floor, due to the rubber, are very useful to Defense type Beyblades. Also, Rubber Ball's semi-aggressive movement is useful in countering opposing Attack and Stamina Bottoms by, if shot correctly, winning by stadium out.

Use in Defense Customization

Rubber Ball can be put to use in the Defense combo MF-H Duo Aquario BD145RB, where RB's grip and surface area paired with the weight and low recoil of Duo help keep the combo from being knocked out of the stadium.

Other Versions

  • Jade Jupiter 130B- Hasbro rendition (Blue Clear Wheel, black Track, black Bottom)
  • Jade Jupiter 130B- Faceoff: Howling Smash (Red Clear Wheel, red Track, red Bottom)



Even though the Jade Metal Wheel is not competitive in any aspect, S130 and RB are useful for Attack and Defense respectively. Despite this, S130 can be easily obtained through Hasbro's Poison Zurafa S130MB and although top-tier material, RB can be substituted for RDF from the more useful, and easier to acquire, Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF. Therefore, this Beyblade should only be considered if a preferred alternative cannot be purchased, or for collection purposes.