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The IBA logo.

The International Beyblade Association is an organization formed by Beywiki intended to maintain and attract interest in Beyblade all over the world. Simply put, it is a method of organizing Beyblade events and an incentive system to encourage Bladers to attend. It is also intended to encourage Bladers who attend IBA events to join Beywiki, if they are not already a member.

Blader Passport

Each IBA member receives what is called a Blader Passport. It is verification of a Blader's membership in the IBA, and is used to record a Blader's Stamps. The image is updated when a member attends an IBA event and gains Stamps, and is then sent to the member. It is the responsibility of the member to keep a current copy of their Blader Passport.

A sample Blader Passport

Bey Points

Bey Points -- generally shortened to "BP" -- are points that are awarded for winning IBA-sanctioned Beybattles and are the measure by which Bladers are ranked in the IBA. The general scale for BP allocation is as follows:

  • + 10 BP - Battle Won
  • - 10 BP - Battle Lost

BP are recorded and connected to the member's Beywiki Forums account. You cannot be a member of the IBA without first registering with Beywiki Forums for this reason.


Stamps are given as awards for placing in IBA events. Generally, they are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but there may be other ways of obtaining them. Stamps are placed on member's Blader Passports as recognition for their achievement.

Temporary Passports

For Bladers that enter an IBA event but are not registered members of the IBA, they will be given a temporary passport for that event. However, they must register for the IBA after the event or their BP records will be lost.