HWS Clear Wheel List

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Weight: 2.7g Aries was originally released as a bright pink Clear Wheel with three “heads” which point outwards, hence forming a roughly triangular perimeter. Beyblade:[1]


Weight: 2.9 grams Aquila was first released in a transparent purple colour. Each side of this Clear Wheel represents an Eagle's pair of wings, with the notches on either side representing its head. It was clearly designed to fit with the aesthetic of the Earth Metal Wheel with its two spikes/notches fitting nicely over the small notches on the inner section of Earth. Beyblade:[2]


Weight: 3.2 grams Aquario’s original release colour is navy, featuring a wave pattern which repeats itself four times. It is amongst the heaviest Clear Wheels, making it one of the best Clear Wheel choices for HWS based Defense customizations. Beyblade:[3]


Weight: 3.3 grams Bull's original release colour is red, and features a two-winged design with two small openings between each wing. It is the heaviest Clear Wheel with excellent weight distribution. This makes it one of the best choices for HWS based Defense and Stamina customizations. Beyblade:[4]


Weight: 3.0 grams The Cancer Clear Wheel featured in Random Booster Light Vol.1 Mad Cancer CH120FS is of a brighter red, while the BB-55 Booster version is slightly darker. Both are identical in shape and weight. Beyblade:[5]


Weight: 2.2 grams Gemios has a follows the same aesthetic principles as the Gemios Metal Wheel, and Killer, with a similar two-winged design. It is the lightest Clear Wheel available. Beyblade: Killer Gemios DF145FS

L drago

Weight: 3.7 grams The L Drago Clear Wheel features three Dragon-head designs formed to create a circle. It carries a few distinct differences from the rest of the Hybrid Wheel System: 1. Left-spin only. 2.Unique shape is only compatible with Lightning Metal Wheel. 3.L Drago's unique function is mode change. Turning it 180° allows one to switch between two modes on the Metal Wheel; Upper to Multi-Hit Mode. The Clear Wheel allows this differentiation since it covers three of the six protrusions at all times.Beyblade:Lightning L Drago 100HF


Weight: 3.0 grams The regular release of Leone is a transparent, blue-green piece. Leone is very circular with small ridge details. Beyblade: Rock Leone 145WB


Weight: 2.8g The regular release of Libra is a transparent green, featuring scales on opposite sides. Beyblade: Flame Libra T125ES


Weight: 2.9 grams The original release of Pegasis is a blue transparent plastic wheel. The edges of the Clear Wheel are shaped in a wing like pattern, each ending in a pointed ‘head’ shape, representing the body form of Pegasis, the symbol its design is influenced by. Beyblade: Storm Pegasis 105RF


Weight: 2.8g The regular release of Sagittario is a yellow, transparent piece. It has several notches and protrusions. The design is loosely based on the original Sagittario, which features the two bow and arrows. Beyblade: Flame Sagittario C145S


Weight: 2.8 grams Virgo was first released in a translucent yellow colour. Virgo has a smooth, flowing design to emulate a woman's hair, and features a small notch on both sides. Beyblade: Earth Virgo GB145BS


Weight: 3 grams The original release of Wolf is a dark brown, translucent plastic wheel. The edges of the Clear Wheel consists of 4 wolf 'heads', one in each quarter of the clear wheel, representing the body form of a Wolf, the symbol its design is influenced by. Beyblade: Dark Wolf DF145FS