HMS Custom Try Set

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HMS Custom Try Set
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: MA-10
System: HMS


  • Dranzer MS (Black)
  • Advance Averazer (White)
  • Tornado Balance Type S Stadium (Light Blue)
  • Launcher and Ripcord (Red and Yellow)

General Info

This set was the first release of the Tornado Balance Type S Stadium. It was later released independently during the Heavy Metal System generation in a yellow color.



Although it has little competitive value, the black Dranzer MS is one of the most sought-after recolours of the Heavy Metal System. Advance Averazer consists of useful parts for Stamina and Wobbler combos. Since the normal versions of both Beyblades are relatively easy to find, this set should be only bought for collection purposes. However, as such, it is one of the rarest collector's items and should be purchased if found at a reasonable price.