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Image:Galman~7.jpg‎|SG Sharp Base
Image:Galman~7.jpg‎|SG Sharp Base
Image:Galman6.jpg‎|SG Sharp Base 3/4 view
Image:Galman6.jpg‎|SG Sharp Base 3/4 view
Image:Galman.png|Sticker sheet

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Number: A-10
System: 5-Layer
Type: Defense

Attack Ring (AR): War Monkey

  • Weight: 6 grams

War Monkey contains two parts: a main AR and the Sub-AR. The main AR is characterized by four small projections. These projections do not protrude much and posses little offensive power, but allow for low recoil. The main strength of this AR comes from its harmony with the Sub-AR which is identical in shape to the Main AR. This means that the shape of War Monkey is that of a full circle enhancing many of its current defense attributes.

Since it is free-spinning the Sub-AR acts as a shock absorber and allows the beyblade to take harder hits whilst reducing recoil and KO’s, making it is a very good choice for Defense customizations. The circular shape and free spinning attributes also allow War Monkey to have some spin stealing ability giving it some use in Survival customizations.

Whilst a powerful AR; it is important to note that it falls short in many areas when directly compared to the top contender in this category: War Lion (Galeon).

Use in Defense Customizations

In a Defense customization War Monkey's circular shape helps reduce recoil. It pairs well with a defensive BB and WD.

Use in Survival Customizations

War Monkey also possesses some spin stealing attributes due to it's design, making it a viable alternative for Survival combos.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Heavy

See Eight Heavy.

Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp

See SG Sharp.

Other Versions


Galman - Original Version


Galman’s War Monkey is bested in many categories by the more popular War Lion, found on Galeon, but is a useful part and is a viable option for Defense and Survival customizations when War Lion is not an option.

It is a beyblade worth owning for those with an affinity to defensive style Beyblades, collectors, or for those unable to get Galeon. Not a must-own, but still a good blade.