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== Other Versions ==
== Other Versions ==
* [[BBA Survivor]]
* [[BBA Balancer]]
* [[Galeon]] - [[Phantom Force]] Version
* [[Galeon]] - [[Phantom Force]] Version

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Number: A-3
System: 5-Layer
Type: Balance

Attack Ring (AR): War Lion

  • Weight: 6 grams

The AR of Galeon, War Lion, is the prized part of this Beyblade. Although one of the earliest released ARs, it still sees major use years after its release. This AR has both great defense and survival properties. Because the AR is so small, it has a tendency to have a high spin velocity, which is perfect for defense types.

However, this AR's survival properties are the most important. The AR is almost perfectly round, which gives it great survival because there are very few points of contact at which the recoil would be strong. However, the true secret to War Lion's survival capability is in its S-AR. When War Lion is hit and the free-spinning S-AR recieves the hit, the Beyblade will recieve almost no damage. This is because when the S-AR is hit, only the free-spinning S-AR is hit with the opposing force, while the rest of the Beyblade continues to spin unhindered.

Use in Survival/Zombie Customization

As discussed above, War Lion has great survival potential due to its round shape and free-spinning S-AR. The small projections protruding from War Lion can also steal spin effectively. The round shape of the AR will not interfere with life after death. You can make a great survival-type combo with War Lion. Here is an example:

Use in Defense + Survival Customization

Although War Lion has great survival potential, its defense ability is strong as well. To outspin an attack type Beyblade, you need good defense. Here is an example combo that can be used to beat an attack Beyblade:

Use in Defense Customization

As discussed above, War Lion has great defense potential due to its round, small shape. This shape results in a higher spin velocity. Also, the S-AR can prevent powerful recoil. You can make a great defense-type combo with War Lion. Here is an example:

Use in Compact Customization

War Lion has a round and small shape. Because of this, it can achieve a high spin velocity. While this is good for defense combos, it is also good for compact combos. Here is an example:

As you will notice, this combo is the same basic concept as an uncustomized Galeon. However, it improves on the most basic functions to produce a great Beyblade.

Weight Disk (WD): 8-Heavy

See 8-Heavy.

Blade Base (BB): SG Semi-Flat

See SG Semi-Flat.

Other Versions


Galeon follows an interesting trend of older Beyblades having some of the most useful part. Perhaps it is because that Beyblade was at its purest, most strategic form then (which HMS made an attempt to return to). Aside from that, however, Galeon is still a great Beyblade. Even uncustomized, it can be used to good results. However, the really great point of Galeon is its AR, War Lion. This AR can be used in modern combos as one of the best ARs available. With great defense and survival potential, every player should own multiples of this Beyblade.