Earth Virgo GB145BS

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Earth Virgo GB145BS
Number: BB-60
System: Hybrid Wheel System
Type: Stamina

Note: Earth Virgo GB145BS was originally released as the "Rare" Beyblade in Random Booster Vol.4 Mirage Virgo. It has since become more easily obtainable in the Starter version released by SonoKong and the Booster version released by Hasbro.

Face: Virgo

The Face depicts Virgo, the sixth astrological sign of the Zodiac.

Clear Wheel: Virgo

  • Weight: 2.8 grams

Virgo was first released in a translucent yellow tint. Virgo has a smooth, easily flowing design to emulate a woman's hair, and features a small notch on both sides.

Metal Wheel: Earth

Weight: 30.8 grams Full Width: 45 mm Minimum Width: 43 mm Full Height: 9.5 mm Minimum Height: 4 mm Maximum Wing Distance: 2.5 mm Minimum Wing Distance: 2 mm Side Declination: ~ 12°

Earth has four thick, textured wings surrounding its perimeter, with each pair facing each other on a slight incline. The space created between the wings is quite small, and the resulting effect is similar to any Wheel that has no spaces: minimal recoil. Though it is on the lighter side of Metal Wheels, its almost unperturbed circular design, and minimal recoil made it one of the best, Defense-oriented Wheel available for competitive play. However, it has since been severely outclassed by the extremely heavy 4D Metal Wheels and Zero-G Chrome Wheels paired in Synchrom, such as Duo, Wyvang and Balro.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations

Earth Metal Wheel (second mold)

Earth has two different molds. The first mold was released in BB-47 Starter Earth Aquila 145WD, and the second in both the purple WBBA "Event Special" MF Earth Aquila 105HF/S, and SonoKong manufactured Earth Metal Wheels. However, TAKARA-TOMY has since ceased production on the first mold, thus making it a difficult part to obtain. The second mold addressed breaking problems that the original mold faced by modifying the inside of each of Earth's wings. The new mold is up to three grams heavier than the old mold (30-31 grams versus 33 grams on the new mold), which makes it significantly more effective for Defense customizations. Therefore, the new mold is the preferred choice for Defense customs using Earth, while the original mold would be the best for Stamina.

Use in Defense Customization

Earth is best utilized in the top-tier Defense customization, MF-H Earth Bull/Kerbecs BD145CS. Earth's low recoil can be put to good use in combination with BD145 which prevents many KO's by top-tier low track attackers and adds a fair amount of weight making it difficult to knock around. CS, being the tallest defense tip currently, is the only suitable choice in combination with a BD145 in normal mode and due to BD145's weight, it makes up for CS' lesser defensive prowess compared to the completely rubber tip, RS. When you add Bull or Kerbecs for extra weight along with MF-H you essentially have a very low recoil, decently heavy defensive beyblade which can withstand attackers from all heights. Nevertheless, even Basalt outclasses it due to its sheer weight, rendering Earth completely useless in the metagame.

Use in Stamina Customization

Earth also has exceptional Stamina capabilities because of its low recoil and good weight distribution. Earth can be utilized in the top-tier Stamina custom, Earth Bull AD145WD. Bull is chosen due to it being one of the heaviest Clear Wheels with with a great distribution of weight.

Track: Gravity Bowl 145

Weight: 4.5 grams Maximum Width: 36.0 mm Minimum Width: 28.5.0 mm Full Height: 14.50 mm Metal Balls Diameter: 5.0 mm

GB145 is a wide, round track featuring two free moving metal balls. These balls move toward the outside of the Track while spinning, causing additional spin retaining force, similar to Draciel Metal Ball Defenser's Metal Ball Base from the plastic generation. Weighing in at 4.5 grams due to the metal balls, GB145 is relatively heavy but it cannot hold its own compared to subsequent parts. At release, it was seen by some as inferior to C145 due to the lack of energy-absorbing free spinning wings, making it not as effective as against low attackers such as Quetzalcoatl 90RF, which were popular at the time. GB145 used to shine when utilized in Defense customizations against high CH120-based Attackers, such as MF Lightning L Drago CH120RF. These types of Attackers do not aim to hit the Track, and thus the free spinning wings of C145 are not necessary, and you instead get a significant increase in the overall weight of the customization. However, it has been outclassed for Defense customizations by BD145, E230 and TH170.

This Track has found use in the Attack field as a replacement for S130.

Use in Attack Customization

Paired with Flash, a top-tier Attack 4D Metal Wheel, it provides a similar shape underneath it and its mobile metal balls create a higher Flywheel Effect that gives more force to Flash's hits. GB145 therefore succeeds in reproducing the outward weight and shape of S130, however the slighty variation in height is enough to make S130 the prefered Track to combine with Flash against most opponents.

Bottom: Ball Sharp

Weight: 0.6 gram Full Width: 15.71 mm Tip Width: 5.64 mm Full Height: 8.78 mm Sharp Tip Angle: 35°

BS offers very little movement and provides no Attack potential. The pointed tip allows for very little friction between the Bottom and the stadium surface, which helps prevent the loss of spin velocity. BS has decent Stamina, but it experiences the balance issues that the S series bottoms share because its tip is so fine. D, WD and SD are better choices.

Other Versions

  • Earth Virgo T125ES - Beyblade Deck Entry Set (Red)
  • Earth Virgo GB145BS - Faceoff: Spiral Blitz (Red painted details on Clear Wheel)
  • Poison Virgo 125ES - Hasbro (Dark Blue) NOTE: The inclusion of the "125" track was a packaging error, and was intended to be "ED145". The packaging and instructions say "ED145", however all depictions of the bey on the packaging and instructions show "125". This was corrected in a later on by Hasbro (see below)
  • Poison Virgo ED145ES - Hasbro (Dark Blue)
  • Night Virgo 145S - Hasbro (Tinted Yellow)


Earth Virgo GB145BS


Earth Virgo GB145BS is comprised of mostly outclassed parts, and only GB145 holds enough potential in a contemporary metagame. Therefore, this Beyblade should only be considered if a preferred alternative cannot be purchased, or for collection purposes.