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| image = DrigerV2.jpg
| full item name = Driger Vulcan 2
| item number = A-75
| beyblade system = [[5-Layer]]/[[Magnacore]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]
| starter or booster =
== Attack Ring (AR): Upper Claw ==
* '''Weight:''' 7 grams
The AR of [[Driger V2]] wan built for [[upper attack]] by having two upper attack ramp points. One problem with this AR is that the tiger heads on Upper Claw reduces the chances of the upper attack since they get in the way of the lift, but upper attack is still possible. With an attack surface that dips to the level of the weight disc, it it is able to perform an upper attack by lifting the opposing blade. However, the rather shallow lifting curve severely limits the lifting potential of this AR, and was generally outclassed by other upper attackers. However, the amount of upper attack on this AR can be improved by combination with its SP Upper Attack. It would be unwise to use this AR without the Upper Attack SPs.<br>
''* '''Note''' The [[Hasbro]] Driger V2 has reinforced plastic making it more durable than the [[Takara]] version.''<br>
== Weight Disk (WD): 10-Balance ==
See [[10-Balance]]
== Spin Gear (SG): Neo SG Right ([[MW Core]]) ==
See [[Neo SG Right]]
== Support Part(SP): Upper Attack ==
* '''Weight:''' 4 grams
Upper Attack is the heaviest SP. Like with its AR Upper Claw, it is built for [[upper attack]] because of its ramp like shape. The problem with Upper Claw was that it was built for upper attack, but it wasn't steep enough on its own to have an efficient upper attack. It was solved when it was used with the Upper Attack SP which is twice as long as the AR's slopes. When used together, the SP would extend the Beylade's overall slopes or ramps by 200% allowing for an efficient upper attack.<br>
The Upper Attack can also be inversed like the other SPs, but it requires either a 6-Heavy or a 6-Balance to use it.
===Use in [[Upper Attack]] Combinations===
Unlike with Upper Claw on the other hand, the Upper Attack SP can be efficient on its own not relying on another part. Since Upper Claw is a support part, it has the advantage over [[upper attack]] ARs in terms of having a lower starting ramp point. Because of this, the SP can serve as the main point of attack instead of having the AR do that. Here is an example of how the Upper Attack SPs can be used on its own without the AR being the main attack part.
* '''AR:''' Trycutter ([[Polta]])
* '''WD:''' [[10-Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' SG Right
* '''SG Core:''' [[Dranzer S]] Casings (w/ Shaft from Full Auto Clutch) ([[Driger F]])*
* '''SP:''' Upper Attack ([[Driger V2]])
* '''BB:''' [[Customize Grip]] ([[Dragoon V2]])
In order to focus on attacking with the support part only, smaller parts aside from the SP and BB must be used thus the reasoning for the use of a small AR such as Try Cutter ([[Polta]]). A [[10-Heavy]] is used because it is fairly compact with a reasonable amount of weight to control the SG. The SG uses the shaft from [[Driger F]] because it is fast.
''* '''Note''' refer to [[Dragoon V2#Adding_a_Different_SG|Adding a Different SG]] if you do not know how to setup the SG.''<p>
== Blade Base (BB): Customize Change ==
* '''Weight:''' 7 grams
The Customize Change BB is the updated version of Metal Change Base ([[Driger S]]). It still has the same metal change tip that allows it switch modes depending on the angle the tip is at. The main difference is that it is taller, weighs 2 grams more, and has the ability to have an SP with it which determines its uses. Though it might seem ideal for [[compact]] customization since more significant weight can be added on, it is not since the BB is taller which causes it to lose balance more and that most of the smaller, compact SPs are not shaped roundly to be [[compact]] for this kind of customization. Despite having more features, it doesn't outshine Metal Change Base ([[Driger S]]).
Another main problem with this BB is the general height of it when used with the Upper Attack SPs. Even though it is taller than Metal Change Base ([[Driger S]]), the Upper Attack SP often touches the stadium or tornado ridges when in attack mode causing it to lose spin.
Image:DriV2 1.jpg|Top view
Image:DriV2 2.jpg|3/4 view
Image:DriV2 3.jpg|Side view1
Image:DriV2 4.jpg|Side view2
Image:DriV2 5.jpg|Bottom view
== Overall ==
Driger V2 uncustomized is a very balanced Beyblade. It can go on the offense, the defense, or even try to out last the opposing Beyblade all depending on how it is launched. Although the Upper Claw AR is considered inferior to Triple Claw ([[Driger G]]), it still has its uses with its Upper Attack SP. This is a very unique Beyblade, but it's worth buying on a moderate level.

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