Driger S

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Driger S (Slash)
Number: H-90
System: 5-Layer
Type: Survival

Attack Ring (AR): Tiger Defenser

Tiger Defenser

  • Weight: 5 grams

Tiger Defenser is one of the most popular AR selections in Beyblade. It has great survival ability due to its round shape; there are very few points of contact on Tiger Defenser that can cause heavy recoil. It has great defense ability due to its small size, leading to higher spin velocity and therefore, higher defense. It also has some attack ability due to its rounded spikes and small Upper Attack slopes.

Use in Survival/Zombie Customization

Using Tiger Defenser, you can create a strong survival combo. This AR does not take many heavy hits in battle. Here is an example:

The small projections on Tiger Defenser can steal spin from the opponent. The round shape will not take recoil, so the Beyblade will have higher defense. However, if you want a survival combo with better defense ability, Galeon's War Lion is a better choice.

Use in Balance Customization

Using Tiger Defenser, you can build a good all-purpose Beyblade. This is a balance type Beyblade that performed very well under many scenarios:

The purpose of this combo is not pure attack, defense, or survival. Rather it is a combination of all three. The problem with this type of Beyblade is that because it is not focused in a specific area, it can be defeated by a specialized combo.

Use in Compact Customization

Because of Tiger Defenser's small size and high spin velocity, it is one of the most popular AR choices for compact combos. Here is an example:

As you can see, this Beyblade is not very different from an uncustomized Driger S. However, with just a few simple improvements, Driger S's strongest attributes can be exploited even further.

Available in Hasbro Jumping Base

While Takara released Jumping Base as a stand-alone product, Hasbro released Jumping Base as a full Beyblade and gave it a recoloured Tiger Defenser AR. If you can't find Driger S, you can get Jumping Base for Tiger Defenser.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Heavy

Eight Heavy

See Eight Heavy.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG

See Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Change

  • Weight: 5 grams

The BB of Driger S, SG Metal Change, has an interesting function. The tip is sharpest at its direct center, but flat on most of the tip. Because of this, you can use this tip as either an attack tip or survival tip.

When shot straight, SG Metal Change will land on the sharpest part of its tip. In this form, this BB has great survival, better than many bearing shaft BBs, such as Wolborg. However, if shot on a slant, the BB will land on the flattest part of its tip, causing it to move in an attack pattern. In this mode, SG Metal Change's movement is very fierce and fast moving like Gaia Dragoon V's SG Metal Flat 2. With SG Metal Change, you can get the best of two types.

Changing Modes During Battle

When a Beyblade donning SG Metal Change is hit in battle while in survival mode, it will often tilt and shift into attack mode. This will allow the Beyblade to deliver a returning attack to the opposing Beyblade before regaining its balance and shifting back into survival mode.

Using Sliding Shoot With SG Metal Change

Sliding Shoot causes the Beyblade to tilt when it is shot. Because of this, SG Metal Change will create a movement that sweeps through the center of the Beystadium, shifting from attack to survival mode constantly.

Use in Compact Customization

SG Metal Change is round with a low diameter and a metal tip that has balanced performance. Because of this, it is the perfect choice for a compact combo. Note: This is the same compact combo that was listed for Tiger Defenser.

As you can see, this Beyblade is not very different from an uncustomized Driger S. However, with just a few simple improvements, Driger S's strongest attributes can be exploited even further.

Rule Clarification: Tip Exchange

It is illegal to exchange the tip of SG Metal Change with any other tip.

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This Beyblade is a rare case of an older model being useful all over. Both Tiger Defenser and SG Metal Change are indispensable parts with many uses. The Phantom Force re-release was a godsend for people who missed this Beyblade the first time around. You can practice every shooting technique with this Beyblade, and many Beyblades can be defeated by Driger S with little or no customization. Every blader should own multiples of this blade.