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Image:DriMS4.jpg|Side view
Image:DriMS4.jpg|Side view
Image:DriMS5.jpg|Bottom view
Image:DriMS5.jpg|Bottom view
====Driger MS - Fukubako Box 2004 Version (Red)====
Image:DrigerMSRed_1.jpg|Driger MS red top view
Image:DrigerMSRed_2.jpg|Driger MS red underside view

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Driger Metal Slash
Number: A-124
System: HMS
Type: Balance

Driger MS was the first HMS beyblade to be released by Takara in Japan and ushered in the HMS era.

Attack Ring (AR): Metal Upper

  • Weight: 20 grams

Metal Upper features two slight ramps when in right spin direction that are designed to give the attack ring upper attack so that it may lift other beyblades. In left spin the "heads" of the tiger on the attack ring provide some decent smash attack due to its thick metal spikes. Overall the attack ring is rather rounded and is thus well suited for compact customizations. It was originally very useful when HMS first made its debut, but has since been surpassed by later HMS Beyblade parts.

Mould Differences

When Driger MS was first produced in Japan it shipped with a different Attack Ring from that of current models. This "Japan Mould" AR featured more flat edges on the upper-lifting ramps and a less enforced metal frame that held the AR together.

When production was moved to China, the mould for Metal Upper was changed, adding somewhat rounded edges on the upper ramps and a thicker underlying frame to prevent the AR from breaking.

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Balance

  • Weight: 15 grams

Circle Balance is a weight disk that is well suited for all purposes, thus the name. For more information, please see Circle Balance.

Running Core (RC): Semi-Flat Core

  • Weight: 2 grams

Semi-Flat core is more or less the HMS rendition of SG Semi-Flat; in other words, a nice Running Core. Its tip is sharp, yet flattened on the very end. This gives it a mild movement pattern when launched straight into a beystadium best suited for endurance or defense purposes. However, when launched on a slant it begins to move in a circular, more aggressive attack-type pattern.

Other Versions


Driger MS - Original Version

Driger MS - Fukubako Box 2004 Version (Red)

Driger MS - HMS Random Booster ACT 1 (Light Grey)

Driger MS - Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set Version (White)


Driger MS was a strong start for the HMS series of beyblades. It offered a nice attack ring in Metal Upper and the HMS version of the popular bladebase SG Semi-Flat. However, it has since been usurped by later parts, such as Death Gargoyle MS's Circle Upper as well as DEMS's Metal Change Core,there's also the Metal Semi-Flat Core from Advance Averazer which is the upgraded form of it.