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==Bit Protector (BP): Dranzer Emblem==
==Bit Protector (BP): Dranzer Emblem==

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Dranzer MS (Metal Spiral)
Number: A-131
System: HMS
Type: Balance
Languages: English|français|italiano

Bit Protector (BP): Dranzer Emblem

  • Weight: 0.61 gram

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Dranzer Emblem. It is the first and loosest mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring (AR): Spiral Upper

  • Weight: 20.43 grams

Spiral Upper is composed of two Phoenix with large wings, reminiscent of the Dranzer Emblem. In right Spin, the Phoenix heads, as well as the large protrusions behind them, produce Smash Attack. In left spin, the wings can be either used for Smash Attack, if contact is made with the edge of a wing, or Upper Attack, if contact is made with the slope of a wing instead.

While useful in theory, in this case, the integration of multiple Attack styles in one Attack Ring ultimately reduces the effectiveness of each style. The wings slopes are not long enough and are too shallow for serious Upper Attack. On the other hand, the Attack Ring itself is too small, its ABS Caul too obstructive of the blunt edges of its Metal Frame and has overall too much Recoil in comparison to the Smash Attack it creates to be effective.

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Balance

  • Weight: 15.13 grams

Circle Balance is one of the three original HMS Weight Disks. It stands between Circle Heavy and Circle Wide, being wider and lighter than the former, but more compact and heavier than the latter. While this makes it a quite versatile Weight Disk, capable of anything, the lack of focus renders it average at everything. As a multi-purpose Weight Disk, it is outclassed by CWD Defense Ring (Sea Dragon) and should only be used if nothing else is available.

Running Core (RC): Manual Change Core

  • Weight: 2.14 grams

Manual Change Core is a tall Running Core composed of two parts, a case and a shaft, screwed together. The case holds the shaft and has two gaps on its sides. It also has a Hole Flat tip, which allows the Sharp tip of the shaft to be ejected or retracted at will. The shaft itself is mounted on a spring and has two tabs protruding out of the case at all times.

This structure provides Manual Change Core with two modes: Endurance and Attack. When in Endurance Mode, the Sharp tip is ejected and the tabs of the shaft rest low on the case gaps. To change the RC to Attack Mode (from a side perspective), the tabs must be pushed up, which will put tension on the springs and retract the Sharp tip, and then rotated counterclockwise to lock it in place. To switch back to Endurance Mode, push the tabs up again and do the reverse motion.

While Manual Change Core is an interesting part, its performance is quite weak. In Attack Mode, it lacks the speed, controllability and grip of Grip Flat Core (Dragoon MS) and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) (Dragoon MS UV). In Endurance Mode, it is simply inferior to the powerful Bearing Cores (Wolborg MS and Jiraiya MS) or even Metal Sharp Core (Wyvern DJ/Advance Eterner). Its tall height can however be put to some use in Force Smash Customizations.

Mold Variations:

Hasbro released Dranzer MS with a different mold of Manual Change Core. The Hole Flat tip is wider than the one released by Takara, and the Sharp tip was changed to a Semi Flat tip. The result is a much more aggressive Manual Change Core in either Mode than the version from Takara, but also one with much less Endurance.

Use in Force Smash Customization:

Due to its tall height, Manual Change Core can be used as a substitute to Tornado Change Core (Dark Leopard MS) in Force Smash customizations, such as:

Other Versions:


Dranzer MS - Original Version

Dranzer MS - Black Version


Dranzer MS is a multi-purpose Balance type Beyblade. Each of its parts has its attributes distributed between many Beyblade types and styles. However, despite this versatility, none of its parts are really effective; Spiral Upper is simply useless, Circle Balance is completely outclassed and while Manual Change Core can be used in Force Smash customizations, there are much better options. This Beyblade should only be considered for collection purposes.