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(Use in Upper Attack Combinations)
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* '''AR:''' Upper Claw ([[Driger V2]])
* '''AR:''' Upper Claw ([[Driger V2]])
* '''WD:''' [[Ten Heavy]]
* '''WD:''' [[10-Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' [[Neo SG]] Right
* '''SG:''' [[Neo SG]] Right
* '''SG Core:''' SG Bearing (Casing)([[Wolborg]]) (w/ Shaft from Full Auto Clutch) ([[Driger F]])
* '''SG Core:''' SG Bearing (Casing)([[Wolborg]]) (w/ Shaft from Full Auto Clutch) ([[Driger F]])

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Dragoon Victory 2
Number: A-69
System: 5-Layer/Magnacore
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Spike Dragon

  • Weight: 6 grams

The AR of Dragoon V2 is just average for attack type combinations when in left spin. It is decent in weight, due to its thickness, and its four attack points stick out more compared to other ARs giving it more range. It can be used in smash combinations, but the only problem with it is the amount of recoil given off when in contact with another Beyblade due to how the four attack points on the AR have straight edges. The recoil, although strong, can work in the favor of either player because it can either KO the opposing blade or KO itself out. It is possible to use it in a OHKO combination.

Use in OHKO Combos

As stated before, the amount of smash on Spike Dragon is high which can be useful in a OHKO combination. Here is an example:

With OHKO combinations, the sole purpose if to KO the opponent's Beyblade with one hit alone. In this combo, the Ten Heavy WD works together with the SG to control recoil by weighing itself down after contact. Aside by using the Ten Heavy for control, it also exposes how much of each four attack point sticks out making a more forceful hit. Finally, the BB is to allows faster movements along with being average in height.

Weight Disk (WD): MG WD


Spin Gear (SG): Neo SG Left (MW Core)

See Neo SG Left

Blade Base (SP): Reverse Attack

  • Weight: 2 grams

Reverse Attack in combination with its BB was indeed an upgrade from the Magne Flat BB (Dragoon V). Like most SPs, the Reverse Attack SP are interchangeable to face either left or right. Depending on the the direction of spin and position of the SP, it can function as an additional smash part or either a deflector. However, there is not much use for this SP due the release of other parts.

Blade Base (BB): Customize Grip

  • Weight: 7 grams

The BB of Dragoon V2 is called Customized Grip for a reason. Though it is initially thought to be used only for attack type combinations, which it can be used in, it can also serve as a base for defense or endurance type combinations as well with just the removal of the tip. In addition to the numerous amounts of bearing based SGs that can be used with this BB, any other SP can be used as well giving endless combinations with just the BB alone. Because of this, Customize Grip helped improved zombie type Beyblades dramatically changing the game by having the option of such support parts along with the choice of a SG with a bearing inside.

The tip of this BB, like other Dragoons, is made of rubber. Similar to Dragoon V, there is a small magnet inside of the tip which was meant for a Magnacore based stadium.

Adding a Different SG

Not all bearing based SGs can just fit into the Customize Grip Base, however, it is possible to make it happen. This can also be done with Fortress Base (Draciel F)

1. Select a SG shell
This will account for the direction of spin

2. Pick a bearing case
This will determine the number of bearings inside of the SG

It's limited to those choices due to them being the only ones to fit inside. The bearing cases of Dranzer S, Wolborg, and Wolborg 2 are the same.

3. Pick a Shaft

Use in Upper Attack Combinations

* Note refer to Adding a Different SG if you do not know how to setup the SG.

It is possible to have an upper attack combination using Customize Grip Base.

Due to the height of Customize Grip, the Upper Claw AR (Driger V2) and Upper Attack SP (Driger V2) can work together to execute the upper attack thoroughly. The Shaft from Driger F is known to be gressive because of the amount of power and speed it has, but it is maintained by the Ten Heavy.

Use in Defense Combinations

* Note refer to Adding a Different SG if you do not know how to setup the SG.

As stated before, it is possible to make a defense type combinations by using Customize Grip. Here is an example of one:

This combination is built to take a numerous amount of hard hits due to how circular in shape the parts are together. Customize Grip is able to use both the Defense Ring and the Customize Bearing SG allowing an opportunity for defense on the bottom half of the combination. In addition, War Lion nearly aligns with Wide Defense allowing the remainder of the top section to be defensive. Customize Bearing with the shaft of Wolborg 2 is used to limit its movement to the center area of the stadium to avoid a KO when attack type combinations are at their strongest moving around the outer side of the stadium.

Use in Spin Stealing/Zombie Combinations

* Note refer to Adding a Different SG if you do not know how to setup the SG.

Spin Stealers and Zombie Beyblades received a weight advantage with the release of Dragoon V2, but when other support parts were released such as Defense Ring (Voltic Ape) and Cross Survivor (Dranzer V2), they became tier 1.

Here is an example of a Spin Stealers/Zombie:

Because of Customize Grip's ability to hold a SP, life after death was able to occur more often due to shape of the SP.


Dragoon V2 was one of the earlier Beyblades that introduced the players into the V2 generation with the use of support parts. Uncustomized, it it just an average blade. The Spike Dragon AR may seem useless, but it's the BB that makes this Beyblade worth buying. With the ability to hold both a SG with a bearing and shaft and a SP, Dragoon V2 helped change the game by improving both Spin Stealers and Zombie types allowing them to become tier 1. Dragoon V2 also comes with a MG WD (also available in Voltic Ape and the Magnacore Accessory Pack) which has several uses.