Dragoon V

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Dragoon Victory
Dragoonvbeybbox copy.jpg
Number: A-41
System: 5 Layer/Magnecore
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Eight Attacker

  • Weight:

The AR of Dragoon V is designed for Smash Attack in left-spin. However, it is greatly outclassed by Eight Spiker (Dragoon G) as well as many other ARs. Also, the recoil makes the smash negligible as there are too many gaps between the spikes. This should only be used if absolutely nothing better is available.

Weight Disk (WD): 10 Wide

See Ten Wide

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Left SG (Metal Weight Version)

See Neo Left SG

Blade Base (BB): Magne Flat Base

  • Weight:

The BB has four wings that protrude from the top of the base. They were designed for left-spin Smash Attack, but it is negligible because of recoil. Magne Flat Base is easily outclassed by Customize Grip (Dragoon V2) by uses for Smash Attack in two ways: It has the ability to hold a SP such as Fin Tector (Draciel V2) as well as as being able to interchange tips. Both have a magnetic flat tip, but the tip of Dragoon V is much harder with it being closer to being plastic than rubber. The advantage of this is that it will survive much longer than with the use of Dragoon V2's tip, but the trade off of this is speed.

Use In Smash Attack Customization

This customization makes the most of the tip's height by adding a Blade Base that uses a SP. Fin Tector and Triple Wing gives this combination very good smash. The combination is also heavier, making it slower and easier to control than many other combinations.


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Dragoon V is only worth buying for the Neo Left SG casings and the 10 Wide. The tip can also be useful, but there are better BBs that do the job such as Dragoon V2, which should be considered before purchasing Dragoon V. Though, the Neo Left SG casings are very useful for Zombie/spin stealer customizations, the part is not needed. This Beyblade is useful to own but isn't a must-have.