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| image = DracielMS.jpg
| full item name = Draciel MS
| item number = A-125
| beyblade system = [[HMS]]
| beyblade type = [[Defense]]
| starter or booster =
== Attack Ring (AR): Metal Shield/Metal Defense ==
* '''Weight:''' 17 grams
Metal Defense has a plastic caul with four spikes and a metal frame with four metal spikes. This part is pretty useless. It has very high recoil and there are way better attack rings for defensive purposes.
== Weight Disk (WD): Circle Wide ==
* '''Weight:''' 14 grams
See [[Circle Wide]]
== Running Core (RC): Sharp Core ==
* '''Weight:''' 2 grams
This running core is probably considered the HMS recreation of SG sharp. Unfortunately, it also came with the same downfalls as an SG sharp. Sharp core's height allows it to be taller then most running cores however, it causes it to be off balance and can easily be toppled over. While with certain combinations this can be used as an advantage, there are far better choices for that type then sharp core. This part is out of date in the bey community and is almost useless. Sharp Core weighs 2 grams.
== Overall ==
Because of Metal Defense's high recoil and Sharp Core's height Draciel MS gets knocked off balance very easily. This blade is the weakest of the first three HMS blades released however it is completely worth getting. Having a 15 gram circle wide is extremely advantageous.

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