Diablo Nemesis X:D

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Diablo Nemesis X:D
DiabloNemesis AttackMode.jpg
Number: BB-122
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Balance

Face: Nemesis

This Face mark is quite simply a compound of the marks of the 13 Beyblades associated to 4D except Omega Dragonis. From the bottom up towards the left, these details can be observed: the bottom of the VariAres Face; Death Quetzalcoatl's Face's wing; Unicorno II's head; Pegasis III's wing; L Drago III's head; Jupiter's eagle head; Lynx's eye; Leone II's paw; Kronos' scythe; Cygnus' head. More in the center, the eyes are reminescent of Orion's three eyeballs, however the unusual one in the middle is replaced with Uranus' mask piece. The big eye on the right also adorns Sagittario's arrow just like in its own Face mark, and the teeth region slightly resembles Hades'. Overall, this Face mark forms quite a chimera.

4D Clear Wheel: Nemesis

  • Weight: grams

Just like the Nemesis Face, the Nemesis 4D Clear Wheel is very complex. Its design unites several traits from other Beyblades. One whole half of Nemesis is engraved with feathers to illustrate Cygnus's feather. The other half is supposed to replicate the shapes on the outline of the Uranus 4D Clear Wheel. The two sides originate from two odd heads: the one that is associated with Uranus has some tendrils or whiskers, while the more beautiful, flowing side has a similar head with smoother lines. Officially, a part of Jupiter's Clear Wheel is also included in Nemesis, however the design is already saturated and it's unclear how Jupiter is related.

4D Metal Wheel: Diablo

  • Weight: grams

Diablo is one of the heaviest Metal Wheels in the game. Following the same scheme as all of Diablo Nemesis X:D's parts, the Diablo 4D Metal Wheel integrates several Beyblades' design points. Because Kreis Cygnus was not out at the time of Diablo Nemesis's release, the latter was the one to first introduce a semi-free-spinning gimmick, and the placement of the Metal Frame in Ultimate Balance Mode was also new to the hobby.

Metal Frame

The main features of Diablo's Metal Frame are the three heads distributed largely along its circumference. One of them represents a lion head which is cut at the upper row of teeth. Part of its mane can be seen on each side of it. The smallest of the three heads is an engravement of of a lynx head with yellowish green eyes and two paws beside it, also cut off at its upper row of teeth. It occupies a very small height on the Metal Frame. The last head is a representation of the face that can be built with Phantom Orion in Stamina Mode. This time however, the smirk was replaced with a real snarl. Its eye stickers are blue. The biggest head is Leone's part and it has red eyes.

In Attack Mode, the Metal Frame is positioned upon the Core and is fixed. The three heads on it are all on the right side to observe them. The difference in the height of each head, with the lynx one being the smallest, creates varying relief all around the Clear Wheel. In this mode, you can choose between XF or S on X:D before the beginning of the battle.

When in Ultimate Balance Mode, the Metal Frame is actually flipped upside down, and placed below the Core, which was an innovation in Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. Since the Metal Frame simply rests in the space between the elevated Core and the 4D Bottom, it can rotate freely to a point: spinning on its own, the Metal Frame would not rotate independently. It is the impact of the opposing Beyblade that will make it spin semi-freely, either towards the right or towards the left depending on the spin direction of the opponent as well as its trajectory and angle of impact. Since Diablo's Metal Frame has three heads, it essentially has three positions it pauses on after each impact, and these new placements make the small pins on the top of X:D be pushed upon with varying gravity. This activates the descent of the sharp tip from X:D, completely or only half-way, or it retracts inside.


The underside of Diablo's Core has the smooth trails from Scythe which allow the latter's PC Frame to rotate freely on it. For Diablo, this means that the Metal Frame can rotate relatively cleanly when in Ultimate Balance Mode. Somehow, Blitz is included in the design of this Core, however it must be within the four walls on its inner circumference which allow the insertion of the Metal Frame in Attack Mode, just like with Blitz's structure. There is also arguably a link with Death's wings, mostly in the relief of the Core when observed from the side: it follows an irregular curve. Part of Fusion was integrated in the Core as well, most likely the small jagged border on one side of the Core. One smoothly carved part of the latter might belong to Flash/Flame Sagittario's Metal Wheel too. It seems that one of its traits is also borrowed from VariAres, but more distinguishably, a dragon's head and neck full of scales can clearly be recognised on the top design of Diablo's Core just as well as Big Bang's wing which follows right after the dragon.

4D Bottom: X:D (X Drive)

Ultimate Balance Mode - sections of mode change
  • Weight: gram

X:D is the widest 4D Bottom to have been made. It extends almost all the way to the end of Diablo, to stop right within its Metal Frame. Following the same principle that Diablo Nemesis X:D is a collection of several Beyblades' features, X:D mixes L Drago Destroy's F:S and Big Bang Pegasis's F:D, in a way, but it mainly inherits from VariAres's D:D. X:D has three tips: XF, S, and a new one called S²D, for Stern Semi Defense. Stern is a German word for "star", and it appears specifically when talking about the Nemesis. Its tip change can be both automatic or fixed. In Attack Mode, you can choose XF or S, while in Ultimate Balance Mode, where it is only compatible with Diablo, you can automatically go from XF to S to S²D, or in the opposite order if the Beyblade fighting it hits Diablo Nemesis in the other direction or spins left itself. When launching, you can choose which tip you start on. The mechanism housed inside X:D to provide the automatic tip change and tip selection is quite complex. For the fixed states, it all depends on the slight manual rotation of some flaps on the underside of this 4D Bottom. When the flap is more towards the left, its Extreme Flat Bottom is exposed, but when it gets turned towards slight right, the sharp tip protrudes. For the Ultimate Balance Mode, two small tabs simply get pushed down by the shapes of Diablo's Metal Frame, which contracts the spring inside X:D and makes the sharp tip come out more. In Attack Mode, to choose the tip, you need to push those tabs down, and then rotate the inner flaps.

Other Versions

  • Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Ver. (Red 4D Clear Wheel and 4D Metal Wheel, grey X:D, green stickers and yellow Face, from the Beyblade & B-Daman 2012 Dragon Campaign)