Dark Series

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Dark Series
System: 5-Layer


  • Dark Draciel: 1/12 chance of obtaining it in Random Booster 8.
  • Dark Dranzer: 1/12 chance of obtaining it in Random Booster 8.
  • Dark Driger: 1/12 chance of obtaining it in Random Booster 8.
  • Dark Dragoon: Comes with the “Bakuten Shoot Beyblade The Movie: Gekitou!! Takao vs Daichi.”
  • Dark Gaia Dragoon: Comes with the “Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution OST.”

Attack Ring (AR): Dark Wing

  • Weight: 7 grams

Dark Wing, the AR of the Dark Series, has three projected wings and can hold a free-spinning S-AR. The S-AR is identical in shape to the AR since it has three wings that are relative in size to it also. Potentially, the AR could have been used for Smash Attack. The three points of attack on the wings are extended far enough to cause significant damage to the opposing Beyblade with some amount of recoil. However, since S-AR is supposed to spin freely after contact, a source of friction is built and acts as a force that works against the Beyblade as a whole. A solution to this would be to simply use another S-AR, but the problem with that is Dark Wing has an odd number of projections while most of the S-ARs out there has an even number. By doing that, it would cause instability in the Beyblade due to the lack of proper balance.

Weight Disk (WD)

The Dark Series Beyblades contain all of the same parts with the exception of the WDs.

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (MW Core)

See Neo Right SG.

Support Part (SP): Survivor Ring

  • Weight: 2 grams

Survivor Ring is a SP suitable for Defense because of its perfectly round shape. It is similar to that of Cross Survivor (Dranzer V2) with the exception of having three small wings instead of four projections.

Use in Zombie Customizations

Because of its round shape, this SP can assist greatly with Life After Death. Another advantage of the SP is that it aligns perfectly with the Wide Survivor WD. This leaves room for the small wings to assist in spin stealing. These small wings can steal spin more efficiently in left-spin due to the way the wings are faced. Here is an example:

Blade Base (BB): Customize Sharp

  • Weight: 6 grams

Customize Sharp would seem like the upgraded version of SG Sharp. It is taller and has the capability to hold a SP. However, having these two changes do not improve on the overall performance of the BB, but instead, makes it worse. The increased height of this BB gives the Beyblade poor balance on its own. In addition to this, using any SP used with the BB only makes it more vulnerable to losing balance. This potentially maybe useful for Wobbling.



The Dark Series are sought out by both collectors and players. They were only released in Japan and were never produced by Hasbro. Although the Beyblade, as a whole, is not completely worth getting, the Survivor Ring they contain can be very useful for Zombie Customizations. However, it is not necessary for players make it out of their way in order to obtain a Dark Series Beyblade just for the SP since there other options out there such as Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape) and Cross Survivor (Dranzer V2).