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Specific Generations

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS is a Stamina-Type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Masters. It is owned by Damian Hart. Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Kerbecs.jpg Number: BB-99 (Japanese) Owner: Damian Hart Face Bolt Kerbecs Energy Ring Kerbecs Fusion Wheel Hell Spin Track BD145 Performance tip DS First Appearance (Anime) N/A First Appearance (Manga) N/A Type Stamina Contents [show]

   * 1 Face Bolt: Kerbecs
   * 2 Energy Ring: Kerbecs
   * 3 Fusion Wheel: Hell
   * 4 Spin Track: BD145 (Boost Disk)
   * 5 Performance Tip: DS (Defence Sharp)
   * 6 Other Versions
   * 7 Trivia
   * 8 Gallery

Face Bolt: KerbecsEdit Face Bolt: Kerbecs sectionEdit

The Face depics Cerberous, The 3 Headed Dog. Energy Ring: Kerbecs Edit Energy Ring: Kerbecs sectionEdit

The Energy Ring, Kerbecs is the second heaviest Energy Ring. It has a very nice yellow color. Fusion Wheel: HellEdit Fusion Wheel: Hell sectionEdit

The Fusion Wheel depicts 3 Dog Heads and also has 50 mm Wheel. The widest size (circumference) of all Fusion Wheels. While most Fusion Wheels have a diameter of 46mm, Hell has a diameter of 50 mm. It has moderate Attack, Defense and Stamina properties. Spin Track: BD145 (Boost Disk)Edit Spin Track: BD145 (Boost Disk) sectionEdit

The Track has 2 modes, one that increases the Attack (Normal Mode), and the other increases the Stamina(Boost Mode). It is proven that Boost Mode is better because when Normal Mode is in use, when it attacks or gets attacked, it hits the arena floor, decreasing the Stamina and predicts a perfect loss. As an extra you can take a red crayon and smear it over the BD145 where the text is. This will fill in the letters making them appear clearly. Use a paper towel to brush off any crayon not inside the letters. Rinse the BD145 to get rid of the crayon. This is not nessasary though, because it almost looks like Eygption text, making it impossible to read anything except for the words "Boost" and "Disk" . But in all an amazing Track, black and beastly like it was meant to be.

Imageshiouuhjoj.jpg Performance Tip: DS (Defence Sharp)Edit Performance Tip: DS (Defence Sharp) sectionEdit

A wide Tip with good Stamina and moderate Defense. It is said that the tip is hollow and looks more like an extremely wide flat sharp that defense. Even when it is used for a long time, the Tip provides little to no Attack movements. Great for Defense and Stamina customisations. WD is a better Performance Tip but DS can still be used. Other VersionsEdit Other Versions sectionEdit

   * Hell Kerbecs Blue Inferno Version: Has an EWD Performance Tip. 

TriviaEdit Trivia sectionEdit

   * When it will be released in the United States and Canada, it is likely that Hasbro will change it's name from Hell to Hades. Many people would know because like the episode "Green Hell" changed to "Green Hades" that is probably going to happen to the "Hell" Fusion Wheel where they will change the name.
   * Hell is the widest Wheel avalible and therefore is part of the Maximum Series.
   * Kerbecs represents a demon.
   * Hell is the 2nd heaviest Fusion Wheel by far (behind Basalt), making Hell a Defense-Type Fusion Wheel.

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