Burning Kerberous

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Burning Kerberous
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: A-82
System: 5-layer
Type: Endurance

Attack Ring (AR): Triple Attacker

  • Weight:

The AR of Burning Kerberous is very unique in that each of its wings perform a different type of attack. The thickest wing performs Spike Attack, the next wing (clockwise) performs upper attack, and the wing counter-clockwise from the Spike Attack wing performs Force Smash Attack. This AR can be used to differentiate between the different types of attack, but for competition purposes the AR isn't considered in serious gameplay.

Weight Disk (WD): 10-Wide

See 10-Wide

Spin Gear (SG): Neo SG Right (Double Bearing Core)

This is the prized part of Burning Kerberous. The Double Bearing Core contains two bearings (hence its name) and provides very good endurance. The tip acts like the tip of Metal Change Base (Driger S); when the beyblade is shot at the center, the tip has very high endurance, and when the beyblade is shot at an angle, the tip moves around in an attack pattern. The beyblade also switches between attack and endurance during a battle. The bearing case can hold many other shafts, advantageous since the bearing case contains two bearings, compared to the single bearing in other bearing cases.

Support Part (SP): Cross Attack

  • Weight:

This SP is used for smash attack, but it is not very efficient, due to the shape of the projections. Other SP parts outclass it, like Fin Tector (Draciel V2)

Blade Base (BB): Customize Bearing Base

  • Weight:

This Blade Base only houses the Double Bearing Core, so it is not useful in combination with anything else except the Double Bearing Core.


This beyblade has many uses in Zombie/Spin Stealing combinations. The Double Bearing SG is an upgrade from the single bearing SGs, giving the zombie/spin stealing combinations more endurance.