Burning Firestrike Set

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Burning Firestrike Faceoff Set
Burning Firestrike Set.jpg
Number: BB-59A and B-110
System: Metal Fight Beyblade

Note: Hasbro re-released this Set in the Metal Masters line with printed Facebolts. This Set is exclusive to Hasbro.


  • BB-59A Burn Phoenix 135MS (Burn Fireblaze 135MS) (Gold highlights on Clear Wheel, clear Track)
  • B-110 Poison Escolpio M145Q (Poison Scorpio M145Q) (Black Clear Wheel, opaque black Track, and green Tip)
  • Two Ripcord Launchers (Green and blue)


This Set has absolutely no use competitively. Although Burn was once a top-tier Stamina Metal Wheel, it has since then been outclassed by many other Metal Wheels such as Phantom and Duo. Poison's Recoil and lack of weight makes it one of the worst Metal Wheels ever created. While both M145's and Q's jumping gimmick is entertaining, they are too uncontrollable to be used as effective Attack Bottoms. 135 is outclassed by other gimmicked Tracks at around the same height, an example being S130. As such, bare and at that height, it is an awkward Track to use in any situation. MS possesses great Stamina capabilities, but has huge balance issues, and it is therefore outclassed by most of the Defense series Bottoms like WD. Phoenix has very little use, and can be replaced by other, balanced Clear Wheels such as Cancer and Cygnus. The only particularly useful part in this Set is Escolpio, which increases contact with the Metal Wheel and lowers the contact with the Clear Wheel, a useful variable to have in Attack type combos. This Clear Wheel, however, is not a must-have, and can be acquired elsewhere. Seeing as most of the parts in this Set are outclassed, there is little to no reason to purchase it, other than for collection purposes.