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Number: 8
System: 4-Layer
Type: Balance

Colour Variation

Takara released this Beyblade in clear turquoise, while the Hasbro release used opaque turquoise plastic.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing Cross

  • Weight: 5 grams

Wing Cross is a strong AR because of its extremely evenly distributed weight, thin size, and smooth edges. It was previously commonly used among zombies/spin-stealers before becoming outclassed by other ARs, such as Galeon's War Lion or Driger S's Tiger Defenser. Despite this, Wing Cross did not become obsolete.

Wing Cross stayed popular in the 10bBistool combo, and also in some compact combos. This AR has many uses in balance and survival type combos.

Use in First Generation Zombies

Wing Cross was used as an AR in first generation zombies (that is, before the S Series was released). It was used because of its balanced weight distribution, thin design, and because its projections (the attack spikes protruding from the AR) could be used to steal spin, as they extended just beyond the reach of the Wide Survivor WD.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations

The mold variation of the Wing Cross AR is what makes it such a popular choice. While the Takara version of Bistool, Gekiryu-oh and Frostic Dranzer, along with the Hasbro older versions of Gekiryu-oh and Frostic Dranzer have thin spikes, the ends of Hasbro Bistool's, Frostic Dranzer's (new mold), and Gekiryu-oh's (new mold) spikes have been connected to the center of the AR, supposedly to prevent breaking. Because of this, Wing Cross's AR's new mold has become a far more popular choice than the older mold.

All of the references to Wing Cross following in this article (that is, excluding the use in zombie combos refer to Hasbro's refined mold, and not any other mold. While the performance of Wing Cross is still good in other molds, the new mold made this AR outrageously effective.

Use in Compact Combos

Wing Cross did find some use in compact Beyblades, particularly in a 4-Layer combo using Draciel Metal Ball Defenser's BB, Metal Ball Base.

This is the combo that was used by Noland in the North American Championships.

Additionally, while not as prominent, it did find some use in the standard compact set:

Although commonly Driger S's Tiger Defense AR is used in this style of combos, Wing Cross has some use. However, because of its higher recoil, it can be a risky decision. Because of its thin frame and light, balanced weight, it doesn't interfere with the spin velocity increase gained from Compact combos.

Use in Balance Combos

Exchanging the Ten Heavy WD with a Ten Balance WD in the combos listed in the compact section will decrease its spin velocity, but it will increase its Survival abilities substantially. As a reference, here are the altered combos that will be very good as balance combos.

Additionally, one of the best balance combos, the 10bBistool, is discussed later on in this article.

Weight Disk (WD): Heavy

See Heavy (WD).

Blade Base (BB): Semi-Flat Base

See Semi-Flat Base.

How Bistool Changed the North American Scene: 10bBistool

There is a very special and strong balance type combination that was discovered, primarily by Bey Brad and Anubis. In fact, the only change from the original Bistool was the WD. The combo is:

This combo proved to be incredibly powerful as a balance type. In fact, at the OtC Tag Beybattle Revolution Tournament at Anime North in 2003, the entire tournament was won with 10bBistool.

This Beyblade works particularly well against defense types and other balance types, who have a hard time defeating it. For general use, this combo can be used.

Use of 10bBistool in Final Matches

Official tournaments always held their final matches inside of a large stadium with a spinning center and no pockets. 10bBistool is a great choice for this stadium for several reasons.

  • The best way to defeat Bistool is to knock it out of the Beystadium. Because there are no pockets/wall openings inside this stadium, Bistool performs considerably well. Bey Brad has won tournaments using 10bBistool in this stadium.
  • Because the playing field is so large, it is hard to hit Bistool with its biggest weaknesses: a strong Attack Beyblade. Also, because the Beyblade moves down a slope into the stadium, there is no way to aim to hit Bistool.

How to Defeat 10bBistool

There are two ways to beat a Bistool with ease.

  • A Powerful Smash Attack/Upper Attack Beyblade: Because of 10bBistool's relatively low weight, it is quite easy to knock around. Smash attack will smash it into walls, into pockets, or out of the Beystadium. In a smaller stadium, such as Tornado Balance Type S, or in the hands of a player who is good at predicting the opponent and good at aiming, this sort of Beyblade will make quick work of 10bBistool.
  • A Pure Survival Type Beyblade: Because of 10bBistool's relatively low attack power, it cannot damage survival types with ease. A zombie, spin-stealer, or other pure survival type will manage against 10bBistool. Be warned however, that if the survival type Beyblade is not able to make a sufficient amount of contact with 10bBistool, the survival type will likely be out-spun.

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The discovery of Bistool's hidden power surprised -- and continues to surprise -- everyone who uses it or has it used against them. This Beyblade's parts have been used to win countless tournaments, which is truly a testament to how effective it can be in the right hands. Deceptively simple, this Beyblade can be used easily to defeat players who do not understand its power. And all of this power comes from the re molded Wing Cross AR. Every player should own multiples of this Beyblade.