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Beyblade Super Deck Set
Bb96 1.jpg
Number: BB-96
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Set


The Beyblade Super Deck Set's purpose was to release combos that frequently placed among TAKARA-TOMY tournaments at the time of release. As such, it contains all re-released parts, but also allows an easier way to find relatively rare, competitive parts; most importantly, Libra. Each Beyblade contains at least one top tier part: MF-H Pegasis 85RF, Libra 100D, and Burn Cancer 90WD. Pegasis is outclassed by most modern Attackers, but has served its time as a powerful Attack Wheel. Burn's Stamina does not compare to that of Scythe, Phantom, and Basalt.

The Beyblade Super Deck Set is readily available, and the variety of parts make it worthwhile for any Blader getting started with competitive battling, by providing a solid base for top tier Attack, Defense, and Stamina combos with minimal useless parts.