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As the third generation of Beyblades, Beyblade Burst is a series that will begin in July 2015 in Japan. Its gimmick heavily influenced its name: Beyblades are made to explode during battle. A new manga series will be published starting on May 15 2015 in the June edition of CoroCoro and an anime will follow shortly after that.

Burst Gimmick

As the name of the series suggests, Beyblades from Beyblade Burst are meant to explode with the action of the BeyBattle. However, there are also traditional ways to win a battle:

  • Spin Finish (outspin)
  • Over Finish (knock out)

Defeating a Beyblade by making its parts separate is called:

  • Burst Finish

<video type="youtube" id="UYKGknkk-mY" width="270" height="203" desc="Beyblade Burst gimmick demonstration" frame="true" position="left" size="full" allowfullscreen="true"/>


The second most important gimmick announced by TAKARA-TOMY is represented by the BeyLogger, a device much like the BeyPointer that will connect to a smartphone to have real-time rankings and to add a Blader's own battling data to the list. This ranking system is part of something called the BeyCloud System. It uses NFC chip technology.

Components of Beyblade Burst

Going back to the very first generation of Beyblades (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade), Beyblades from the Beyblade Burst series are composed of three layers of parts:

  • Layer: The main attacking piece, the Layer is made of plastic and displays its character's attributes.
  • Disk: The Disk is a metallic ring that complements the shape of the Layer and adds a variety of weight distribution to the overall Beyblade customization.
  • Driver: Similar to a Blade Base or a 4D Bottom, the Driver encases a tip and also determines the height of the Beyblade. It's made of plastic for the most.

New Stadium

Beybladeburst newstadium2.jpg
A new sort of BeyStadium accompanies the launch of this new Beyblade series: BeyStadium Standard Type. It resembles a mix of a regular stadium floor with a Zero-G cover on top of it, to protect players from exploding parts and high energy KOs.


Beyblade Burst has introduced the same four types of Beyblade combos, with slightly different names:


While this series bears resemblance to Plastics, their size is similar to Metal Fight Beyblades.


Just like the Metal Fight Beyblade series, Beyblade Burst will see Starters and Boosters, with Starters including a Light Launcher. Although its name is identical to the Metal Fight Beyblade Light Launcher, the design for this winder-based shooter was changed.

A BeyLauncher will also be released, at first in the Start Dash Set. It is a string launcher.

Launcher Grips will be released separately. They are skinnier versions of the Metal Fight Beyblade Launcher Grips and the initial versions are white. They can accomodate the BeyLogger at their top, similar to the BeyPointer on the MFB grips.

Initial Releases

  • B-01 DX Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel (with BeyLogger & Light Launcher) (July 18th, 2015) (2200 yen)
  • B-02 DX Starter Spriggan Spread Fusion (with BeyLogger & Light Launcher) (July 18th, 2015) (2200 yen)
  • B-03 Starter Ragnaruk Heavy Survive (with Light Launcher) (July 18th, 2015) (1200 yen)
  • B-04 Starter Kerbeus Central Defence (with Light Launcher) (July 18th, 2015) (1200 yen)
  • B-05 Booster Spriggan Heavy Defence (July 18th, 2015) (860 yen)
  • B-06 Booster Ragnaruk Central Accele (July 18th, 2015) (860 yen)
  • B-07 Booster Kerbeus Wing Fusion (July 18th, 2015) (860 yen)
  • B-08 Beyblade Start Dash Set (Valkyrie Special Version, BeyStadium Standard Type Special Ver., BeyLogger and BeyLauncher) (July 18th, 2015) (4200 yen)
  • B-09 BeyStadium Standard Type (July 18th, 2015) (1600 yen)
  • B-10 BeyLogger (July 18th, 2015) (1600 yen)
  • B-11 Launcher Grip (July 18th, 2015) (700 yen)
  • B-12 Starter DeathSizer Oval Accele (August 8th, 2015) (1200 yen)
  • B-13 Booster Valkyrie Spread Survive (August 8th, 2015) (860 yen)
  • B-14 Starter Wyvern Armed Massive (with BeyLauncher) (September 19th, 2015) (1450 yen)
  • B-15 Random Booster Trident Heavy Claw (September 19th, 2015) (800 yen)
  • B-16 BeyLauncher (September 19th, 2015) (800 yen)

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