Bey Reshuffle Set Stamina and Defence Type

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Bey Reshuffle Set Stamina and Defence Type
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: BB-22
System: Metal Fight Beyblade


  • Launcher grip (Black)
  • Virgo DF145BS (Red)
  • Libra 145S (Purple)
  • Leone D125B (Black)
  • 105F (Black)

Takara Tomy advertised buying the BB-21 Bey Reshuffle Set Attack & Balance with this set. By combining the Launcher Grip and 105F from this set with the Pegasis Wheel and Beylauncher from BB-21, one could make a "Black Pegasis Set".


Because of Libra's dominance in the early MFB metagame, many older products with Libra in them are near impossible to find, and this set is no exception. Virgo and Leone were also good parts at the time as well, adding to its competitive and collector value. Furthermore, this set is no longer produced.

However, as the metagame evolved, all of these parts have been outclassed by numerous other parts. This, combined with the extreme rarity of the set, means that this set should only be purchased for collection purposes.