Bey Deck Case

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Bey Deck Case
BeybladeDeckAttackandDefenseSet Deck.jpg
Number: BB-77
System: Metal Fight Beyblade


This case was released to promote the Deck System which TAKARA-TOMY installed in their Asian WBBA tournaments. It offered a more convenient method of obtaining this box rather than purchasing the Beyblade Deck Entry Set. Generally, that system consists of choosing three combos before the beginning of a BeyBattle and sealing them in the Bey Deck Case. A different Beyblade must be selected for each match, and the Metal Wheels usually have to be different. It can even be required that the customizations be different types. All these rules explain the variety of parts in this product.

The Bey Deck Case possesses three compartments with their numbered lid respectively, where the Beyblade under the "1" cover needs to be used first in a Deck System event. These small sections also encase miniature versions of the BeyStadium Attack Type, which were included with the intention of allowing the Blader to perform a test launch of their Beyblade before the real BeyBattle. They measure 3.7 cm.

Two colors were released for this item: red, the more available version present in early sets, and green, included in Hasbro products.

Since the Beyblades that would be encased in this box are not held firmly or delicately and that the Deck System has now been almost completely abandoned, there is no reason to purchase this item except for collection purposes, as well as for the novelty gimmick of the tiny stadiums.

Other Versions

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