Bandid Genbull F230TB

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This article is a stub! The next step is to write detailed reviews of the parts' performances based on extensive testing. To this end, please post a draft in The Beywiki Project forum. This article cannot be edited without approval past this point.

Bandid Genbull F230TB
Number: BBG-23
System: Beyblade Zero-G
Type: Stamina
Element: Earth

Metal Stone Face: Genbull

The sticker on this Stone Face represents a comical illustration of a turtle shell with an eye peering from the hole. Genbull is based on Genbu, or Xuan Wu, the black tortoise with a snake coiling around it in Chinese mythology.

Chrome Wheel: Genbull

  • Weight: grams

Sat atop a very circular base is a mostly hexagonal shape. Four straight lines, to on each side, create a design reminescent of the Libra Wheel. Another mostly straight edge is built at the top of the Genbull Chrome Wheel, where the Crystal Wheel's orb is inserted. At the bottom, however, there is a small turtle head designed but it does not protrude that much from the overall circular shape of the real bottom of this Chrome Wheel.

Crystal Wheel: Bandid

  • Weight: 4.8 grams

Its original color is green. A clear derivative of a "bandit", Bandid oddly does not have a design reminescent of those characters. It vaguely illustrates some longer daggers, but it mostly complements Goreim's shape entirely: like the latter, this Crystal Wheel has block shapes with ridges in them.

Track: Free 230

  • Weight: grams

This Track's gimmick is that it is seemingly completely free-spinning. Therefore, it can make the Chrome Wheel it is attached to rotate in the opposite direction to the one it was launched in, simply after a hit with another Beyblade of the same original spin. A huge part with the same irregular structure as the base of most Bottoms is at the end of F230, while its core section is larger than regular Tracks like 145 and 230 to accomodate the whole free-spinning mechanism inside.

Bottom: Twin Ball

  • Weight: gram

TB is simply a Wide Ball Bottom with a smaller ball at its tip. This causes it to wobble slightly.

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